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7code Appmon
General information
Appearances: Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters

The 7code Appmon (7codeアプモン Sebunkōdo Apumon?) are seven Appmon with special data. They seem to symbolize the seven Appmon types, and their full power can be unleashed when all their seven Appmon Chips are put into the Appmon 7code PAD.

List of Appmon Chips

Chips Type Code Letter
Mailmon b
Social Mailmon Code 1 Chip b
Code 1
Ropuremon b
Game Ropuremon Code 2 Chip b
Code 2
Gomimon b
Tool Gomimon Code 3 Chip b
Code 3
Tellermon b
Entertainment Tellermon Code 4 Chip b
Code 4
Copipemon b
System Copipemon Code 5 Chip b
Code 5
Medicmon b
Life Medicmon Code 6 Chip b
Code 6
Weatherdramon b
Code 7

Appmon 7code PAD

8-03 Appmon 7code PAD

The Appmon 7code PAD (アプモンセブンコードPAD Apumon Sebunkōdo PAD?) is an item used to assemble the 7code Appmon. Its design appears to be based on a tablet computer.


Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters

8-03 7code Appmon

Gatchmon describes the 7code Appmon.

The 7code Appmon are seven Appmon with special data. Gatchmon is looking for them and believes assembling the seven will release a power strong enough to defeat Leviathan.

On October 15, Haru Shinkai and Gatchmon collect Ropuremon's Appmon Chip, while Rei Katsura and Hackmon collect Mailmon. The Character I Raised is Stark Naked!? Ropuremon's School Dungeon!



Ropuremon t

8-03 Ropuremon (Virus)

8-03 Ropuremon (7code)

Ropuremon is the Code 2 Appmon, and is responsible for the Amusing! Exciting Dungeon game.

He lived with his parents, and attended the 3rd grade's RPG class of his school. At some point he got infected by the L-Virus. In the Real World, on October 15, he deletes the data of the Fantasy Saga players, and starts modifying all computers in the city to display RPG-themed texts. Haru Shinkai and Gatchmon chase him to the AR-Field in the Fujimizaka Middle School, and eventually find him at the end of his dungeon. Ropuremon attacks them both, but Haru talks to Ropuremon, curing him of the L-Virus. Ropuremon then gives his Appmon Chip to Haru, who then receives an Appmon 7code PAD for collecting their first 7code Chip. The Character I Raised is Stark Naked!? Ropuremon's School Dungeon!

In the manga, his Chip is collected by Rei Katsura on October 1. Protagonist Launch

In Appli Monsters: Appmon Academy!!, he is a student at the Appmon Academy. He is trapped by an infected Mailmon into a mountain of letters, and is later found by Gatchmon and Navimon. Later, he comforts a regretful Mailmon. App Academy's Public Morals Committee Chairman


Mailmon t

8-03 Mailmon (7code)

Mailmon is the Code 1 Appmon.

On October 15 he is cornered by Rei Katsura and Hackmon, who turn him into an Appmon Chip and collect it. The Character I Raised is Stark Naked!? Ropuremon's School Dungeon!

In Appli Monsters: Appmon Academy!!, he is a student at the Appmon Academy. He is infected by Viramon's virus and traps Ropuremon in a mountain of letters. After that, he attacks Gatchmon and Navimon, but his "Mail Darts" are eaten by the Goat Mailman. He is then defeated by Gatchmon and healed of the virus. App Academy's Public Morals Committee Chairman



Gomimon t

Gomimon is the Code 3 Appmon.

On November 5, an infected Gomimon forcibly throws away Perorimon's recipe data, causing Eri to AppFuse Dokamon, and Perorimon in an attempt to get the data back. Gatchmon, and Haru try to do a search, but Dosukomon defeats him anyway. After the L-Virus clears from him, Gomimon reveals himself to be another 7code Appmon.

The Finest Gourmet Report! Gourmet App Perorimon!


Tellermon t

Tellermon is the Code 4 Appmon.

On January 14, an infected Tellermon uses misfortune to attack Eri Karan and Torajirou Asuka, which did work on Dosukomon, but since Astra didn't believe in fortunes, Mediamon was unaffected by Tellermon's misfortune. This caused Eri to finally stand up to Tellermon, and Dosukomon's chip to become active. After that, Astra linked the two Appmon together, and defeated Tellermon. She then reveaeled herself to be another 7code Appmon.

The Future is All Visible!? The Mysterious Fortune-telling Tellermon


Copipemon t

Copipemon is the Code 5 Appmon.

On January 28th, team Haru is on the brink of losing to an army of infected Copipemons when a bunch of them pile on top of an angry Dokamon. Gatchmon tried to do a search to find the original, but the angry Dokamon breaks out of the pile causing all but one of them to reveal themselves as copies. The original tried to vanish like his copies, but it all failed when Dokamon used his Doka Doka Rush attack on him. This causes Copipemon to reveal himself as the 5th 7code Appmon, as well as him apologizing for copying and pasting all those images and promised to delete them. Eri is Multiplying by Copy-paste?! Reclaim, the Stage of Dreams!


Medicmon t

Medicmon is the Code 6 Appmon.

Goodbye Astra!? Dreamon's Nightmare

Notes and references

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