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A Golden Bug! The Mystery of MetallifeKuwagamon
(Ougon Konchū! MetarifeKuwagāmon no Nazo)
Airdate (Ja:) March 4, 2012
Toei Animation


Tagiru and Hideaki follow rumors of a shining golden stag beetle in the mountains, launching a Hunt when they suspect Digimon involvement. Meanwhile, Tagiru's insect-loving classmate, Kaneda, is convinced that Tagiru is only trying to capture the new stag beetle species for profit, and won't let him out of his sight. He ends up in DigiQuartz with Tagiru and Hideaki as they search for the truth behind the shining golden stag beetle...

Wanting to find out the full story behind the Digimon Hunt, Xros Heart finds a lead in a mythical Digimon named MetallifeKuwagamon. Tagiru's insect-collecting classmate Kaneda enters DigiQuartz with Tagiru and Hideaki. Later on, to Kaneda's dismay, the bug he caught is actually MetallifeKuwagamon who later on takes the boy as a hostage to cover his escape. Eventually, Tagiru and the others find MetallifeKuwagamon with Arresterdramon defeating him while Tagiru saves Kaneda. However, Tagiru realizes MetallifeKuwagamon cannot be captured as the Digimon reveals that his data belongs to an evil Digimon Hunter. Suddenly, before he can reveals his master's identity, an evil being with red eyes and mouth deletes MetallifeKuwagamon before attempting to suck the Digimon Hunters into it. But at the very last minute, Tai Kamiya (who arrives with WarGreymon) and Marcus Damon (who arrives with ShineGreymon) arrive to the Hunters' aid. With the two youths' help, Tagiru remembers his bond with Gumdramon and that allows Arresterdramon to assume his Superior Mode and destroys the evil being. Tai and Marcus take their leave, with the former explaining to a confused Tagiru that he will know them soon enough. Meanwhile, while trying to help Nene in Hong Kong's Digi Quartz, Christopher encounters Mimi Tachikawa and Rika Nonaka as they intend to help the two in relation to the final battle about to occur in Japan very soon.

Featured characters

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Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Xros Other


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Yagami Taichi
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Daimon Masaru
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Arresterdramon Superior Mode
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DigiQuartz, Hong Kong
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Tachikawa Mimi Makino Ruki

Digimon Introduction Corner

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Type: Insect
Special Moves
Homing Laser
Emit Blade
Clockmon: "something"
Old Clock Shop Man: "something"
Mikey Kudo: "something"
MetallifeKameKuwagamon: "something"
Gumdramon: "You don't really need that helmet!"



Christopher: Are you okay, Nene?
Nene: You're late! Are you trying to show off to me?
Christopher: Huh? D-Don't be stupid!

—Christopher is a bad liar.

Other notes

Continuity errors

  • When Mimi and Rika show their Digivices to Christopher, Mimi's Digivice is colored green despite Palmon not being in her Ultimate form.

Animation errors

  • When Tagiru asks Tai and Marcus who they are, Arresterdramon Superior Mode's claws are colored the same as his gloves.

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