Battle in The Digital Depths

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Battle in The Digital Depths
(Saishū heiki hatsudō! Ganbare Kyūtomon!)
"Activation of the Ultimate Weapon! Hang In There, Cutemon!"
Airdate (Ja:) February 22, 2011
(En:) April 30, 2014 (UK)
June 8, 2014 (US)
Toei Animation


Sent into the depths of the Sweet Zone by Matadormon, the Fusion Fighters take stock of their location. Cutemon senses his parents and searches for them, only to be attacked by Raremons. The team is quickly surrounded by Raremons, only to be saved by the Monitamons, though their escape separates the group. As they explode, Nene and Jeremy discover that the kidnapped residents are having their data drained to revive the legendarily destructive Breakdramon, subsequently turning them into Raremons for use as Bagra Army cannon fodder. Enraged, Mikey digifuses Shoutmon X5 to take out the awakening Breakdramon, only for all of its wounds to be healed by Cutemon's parents who are held captive on Breakdramon at Matadormon's direction. When the fighting threatens to harm his parents, Cutemon intervenes, which causes Shoutmon X5 to be held at the mercy of Breakdramon's attacks. Cutemon's parents then communicate with him, telling him that he must stand with his friends despite what may happen to them. In tears at his parents' sacrifice, Cutemon heals Shoutmon X5, but Mikey and Spadamon intervenes to save Cutemon's parents before they can be killed. Shoutmon X5 is then free to take out both Matadormon and Breakdramon. The residents are healed from their corruption into Raremons, while the Code Crown is bequeathed to the Fusion Fighters. As the Fusion Fighters head off toward the next Zone and Cutemon's parents decide to stay behind in the Sweet Zone, Tactimon decides that it's his turn to step up to the plate in the face of the Fusion Fighters' wins.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonists, and italicized characters appear only as a voice or silhouette.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Armor Xros


6-28 01

6-28 02

6-28 03


6-28 04

6-28 05
Papa  Mama

Digimon Data Collection

DataCollection-Spinomon Spinomon
Type: Dinosaur
Special Moves
Sonic Slash Rain
Blue Prominence
Spinomon ddc
Mikey: "First off, it's a Dinosaur-type. It lives deep in the jungle. It's tough enough to survive there, but it's also intelligent. It can fire the blades on its back, and its attacks include Sonic Slash Rain and Blue Prominence. Yep, it's Spinomon!"
Monitamon: "Those big spikeys are scary. He must not sleep on his back."

DataCollection-Spinomon Spinomon
Type: Dinosaur
Special Moves
Sonic Slash Rain
Blue Prominence
Spinomon ddc
Monitamon: "It must really hurt when it sleeps on its back!"


Floramon 1 Raremon 3 Floramon
Floramon t Raremon t Floramon t
Shoutmon 2 Shoutmon X5 6 Shoutmon
Shoutmon t Shoutmon X5 t Shoutmon t
(w/ Ballistamon, Dorulumon,
Starmon, Pickmons,
+ Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Ballistamon 2 Shoutmon X5 6 Ballistamon
Ballistamon t Shoutmon X5 t Ballistamon t
(w/ Shoutmon, Dorulumon,
Starmon, Pickmons,
+ Shoutmon, Dorulumon
Dorulumon 2 Shoutmon X5 6 Dorulumon
Dorulumon t Shoutmon X5 t Dorulumon t
(w/ Shoutmon, Ballistamon,
Starmon, Pickmons,
+ Shoutmon, Ballistamon

Starmon 2 Shoutmon X5
Starmon (2010 anime) t Shoutmon X5 t
(w/ Shoutmon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Pickmons,
Silver Pickmons 2 Shoutmon X5
Pickmon (Silver) t Shoutmon X5 t
(w/ Shoutmon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Starmon,
Sparrowmon 2 Shoutmon X5
Sparrowmon t Shoutmon X5 t
(w/ Shoutmon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Starmon,
Raremon 3 Elecmon
Raremon t Elecmon t
Raremon 3 Motimon
Raremon t Motimon t
Raremon 3 Doggymon
Raremon t Doggymon t


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Other notes

Dubbing changes

  • The scene where the Monitamons set off a smoke bomb to escape the Raremons is cut and only referenced after the fact.
  • The portion of Matadormon's defeat where Shoutmon X5 punches him though Breakdramon, causing it to explode, is removed, leading to the implication that Matadormon exploded from Shoutmon X5's punch, which incidentally destroyed Breakdramon.

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