Aegiochusmon Dark
(アイギオテュースモン ダーク)
Aegiochusmon Dark b
Level Ultimate
Prior forms Aegiomon[1]

Aegiochusmon Dark is a Digimon. It synthesized the abilities of various species, with a human body as the base. The synthesis of species is said to be the result of having sought the extreme called omnipotence, and adapts it to its surroundings, dramatically altering its appearance.[2] This form is composed of data taken from the Evil-tribe, so the data of the Evil-tribe sleeping within its body has infected its whole body.[3]


Aegiochusmon Dark is a dark variation of Aegiochusmon, playing up the evil nature with its scythes. It has goat horns and cloven feet similar to the goat, as befitting of Jupiter's association with goats.


Aegiochusmon Dark (アイギオテュースモン ダーク)

Name used in Digimon Heroes! and throughout the franchise. Base name shares an official romanization with Aegiochusmon.


Digimon Crusader

Notes and references

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