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Aegiomon is a God Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Jove Aegiochus. It has an appearance fusing the lower body of a goat with the upper body of a human. As a member of the same musical troupe as Sirenmon, it is usually playing the pipes called "Syrinx" hung at its waist and enjoying the music. Although it has a peace-loving personality and doesn't really like to fight, the power it conceals within is unquantified, and when Aegiomon fights to protect something, it exhibits unique talent for combat.[4]

Digimon CrusaderEdit

Main article: Aegiomon (Crusader)


  • Attract Echo: Plays a song on the Syrinx that attracts the attention of those who hear it, eventually stealing away their sense of self and blinding them to everything but Aegiomon. With this, it can produce an opportunity for other Digimon to flee from or pursue the listener.
  • Iron Trust: Hurls a sharp, backwards kick with its prided goat legs.
  • Stun Beat Blow[5]: Beats the opponent while releasing the electricity circulating within its body from a portion of its arms, numbing the opponent's sensitivity and dulling their movements.

Notes and referencesEdit

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