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V-Tamer 01
ch 32
List of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 chapters 32
Alias 3: Hideto
エイリアス (スリー)・ヒデトの巻
(Eiriasu Surī: Hideto No Maki)
Publisher Shueisha
Release date (Ja:) June 21, 2001
Written by Hiroshi Izawa
Art Ten'ya Yabuno

Hideto informs Rei that the pendant around her neck is the Digimental. To Ninjamon and Gabo's surprise, Rei leaves with him without a struggle just as Zero and Taichi arrive. Catching up to them they begin fighting, only to realize that Omnimon is too fast, and the attacks that do hit have little effect. As Rei is begging for the fight to stop, Hideto informs them about Zero's Overwrite ability calling it a "double edge sword". As Rei finally convinces them to stop the fighting she informs Taichi that Neo is her brother. As she and Hideto leaves Taichi stays there, waiting for Zero's wounds to heal.

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