Alias III
(エイリアスIII (スリー))
Alias III Bo-21v (DM)
General information
Founder: Neo Saiba
Leader: Neo Saiba
Intentions: To carry out Neo Saiba's will as his aliases
Appearances: Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01
Cards: Bo-21v

Alias III (エイリアスIII (スリー) Eiriasu Surī?) is a group of Tamers chosen by Neo Saiba to stop Taichi Yagami. They each fight a one-on-one fight against Taichi, hoping to defeat the "bug", but eventually discover that Neo was using them to simply stall for time in order for Arukadhimon to develop enough power to take over the Digital World, and was willing to feed their Digimon to Arukadhimon.


Tamer Alias Digimon
Sigma v
1 Piemon Bo-11v (DM)
Mari Goutokuji v
Mari Goutokuji
2 Rosemon Bo-12v (DM)
Hideto Fujimoto v
Hideto Fujimoto
3 Omegamon Bo-13v (DM)

Notes and References

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