all of my mind
NECA-30052 f
Catalog Number:NECA-30052
Release Date:December 5, 2001
Price:¥ 2727

all of my mind is an album composed of Kouji Wada's songs created for the Digimon franchise.

# Title Artist Length
1. "Starting Over" Kouji Wada 4:27
2. "Butter-Fly" Kouji Wada 4:18
3. "Wind"
Kouji Wada 3:53
4. "Smile"
Kouji Wada 5:14
5. "Seven" Kouji Wada 4:13
6. "Target ~Red Impact~"
Tāgetto ~Akai Shougeki~?)
Kouji Wada 4:26
7. "Still a Girl"
Otome no Mamade?)
Kouji Wada 4:27
8. "I'm Me"
Boku wa Boku Datte?)
Kouji Wada 4:13
9. "Say Again" Kouji Wada 4:21
10. "The Future of Your Color (Dream)"
Kimi Iro no Mirai (Yume)?)
Kouji Wada 4:40
11. "The Biggest Dreamer" Kouji Wada 3:51
12. "Modern Love" Kouji Wada 6:20

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