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Digivolving figures

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Season 5

Lightning Digivolving Characters: Agumon>GeoGreymon

Lightning Digivolving Characters: Gaomon>Gaogamon

Lightning Digivolving Characters: Falcomon>Peckmon

Lightning Digivolving Characters: Kudamon>Chirinmon

Lightning Digivolving Characters: Kamemon>Shawjamon

Digivolving GeoGreymon

Digivolving Gaogamon

Digivolving Peckmon

Virtual pets

Main article: Digimon virtual pet

Season 5

Digivice Data Link

Collectible Character Sets

Digimon Data Squad

  1. Agumon, DotAgumon, Gaogamon, and Kokatorimon
  2. Gaomon, DotGaomon, GeoGreymon, and MetalPhantomon
  3. Lalamon, DotLalamon, RizeGreymon and Mammothmon
  4. Falcomon, DotFalcomon, MachGaogamon, and Gotsumon
  5. Kudamon, DotKudamon, Crowmon, and Merukimon
  6. Kamemon, DotKamemon, Chirinmon, and SaberLeomon
  7. BanchoLeomon, Rosemon Burst Mode, PawnChessmon (Black), and Koromon
  8. Belphemon Rage Mode, Ravemon Burst Mode, PawnChessmon (White), and Tokomon
  9. Kentaurosmon, MirageGaogamon Burst Mode, Frigimon, and Bukamon
  10. Craniamon, ShineGreymon Burst Mode, Biyomon, and Budmon

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