Apokarimon (Creepy Mode)
Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) t
Level Mega
Type Unidentified
Attribute Unidentified
Family Dark Area
Debut Bo-290: Apokarimon (Creepy Mode)
Cards (En:) Bo-290

Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) is an Unidentified Digimon. It is the humanoid portion of Apocalymon, emerged from the polyhedron.


  • Big Bang: Detonates its own body with enough force to wipe out an entire dimension.
  • Darkness Zone: Deletes its opponents.


Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) is the humanoid portion of Apocalymon given focus on its card, as the Apocalymon card released in the Digi-Battle Card Game focused on Apocalymon's entire body.


Apokarimon (Creepy Mode)

Name used in the Digi-Battle Card Game.

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