Apollomon Darkness Mode
(アポロモン ダークネスモード)
6-47 Analyzer-06 JP
Debut Digimon Fusion,
"The Battle of The Young Generals" [47]
Prior forms Apollomon Whispered + Axemon[1]
Partners Bagra Army
Voice actors (Ja:) Hideyuki Tanaka (Xros Wars)

Apollomon Darkness Mode is the DigiFuse of Apollomon Whispered and Axemon. The Battle of The Young Generals


Apollomon Darkness Mode is identical in form to Apollomon Whispered, save that it now wields a gigantic, dual-edged axe formed from Axemon's body. It is also has Axemon's spike blades coming out of its shoulder pads and Axemon's visor on its forehead.


Apollomon Darkness Mode (アポロモン ダークネスモード)

Official name used in Digimon Fusion. No official romanization available.


Digimon Fusion

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