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Apollomon Whispered is the form invoked by the evil Whispered that Bagramon inserted into Apollomon.[2]


  • Whispering Arrow (Arrow of Whispered): Continuously fires dark arrows from the shining jewels on its hands.
  • Rising Sun of All Sorrows (嘆きの太陽 Nageki no Taiyou?, lit. "Sun of Lamentation"): Gathers solar energy into an ever-expanding black sun that incinerates all that it touches.


Apollomon Whispered is identical in form to Apollomon, with the only difference in its coloring. Its body fur is blue while its mane is purple, to contrast Apollomon's red and orange coloring due to its designation as the dark sunspot of the bright sun.


Apollomon Whispered (アポロモン ウィスパード)

Official name used in Digimon Fusion. No official romanization available.

  • Apollo. The mythological Roman god of the sun.
  • Whispered. The character from Digimon Fusion.


Digimon Fusion

Notes and references

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