Arukadhimon (Ultra)
(アルカディモン超究極体 Arkadimon Super Ultimate)
Arkadimon Super Ultimate Bo-27v (DM)
Level Ultra[1]
Type Bewitching Beast
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Debut Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01,
"The Super Ultimate Is" [53]
Prior forms Arukadhimon (Mega)[2]
Partners Neo Saiba

Arukadhimon (Ultra) is a Bewitching Beast Digimon. Fused with the evil god Daemon (Ultra), it is the ultimate destruction monster that brings disaster.[3]


  • God Matrix: A beam of energy which causes area-damage is fired from his eyes. Everything hit by this attack will be reduced to nothing but 0's and 1's of primitive data.
  • Dystopia Lances: The huge number of tentacles growing as its limbs all charge to pierce its target.



Arkadimon Super Ultimate (アルカディモン超究極体)

Name used in Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01. Base name shares official romanization with Arkadimon Child.


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01

Notes and references

  1. In the card game, Arukadhimon (Ultra) is treated as a Mega Digimon.
  2. Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, "The Super Ultimate Is" [53]
  3. Bo-27v: Arukadhimon Super Ultimate

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