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Awaken Belphemon
(Maou Berufemon Fukkatsu)
"Demon Lord Belphemon Revives"

Kurata finally performs his masterstroke and successfully awakens the demonic Belphemon.


Featured charactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonists, and italicized characters appear only as a voice or silhouette.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor

Digimon AnalyzerEdit

Rook Chessmon
DigiAnalyserDS-Rook Chessmon
Miki Kurosaki: "RookChessmon is the dark PawnChessmon's Ultimate level. He has a Castle Wall defense and his first move is Rook Gatling."
Bishop Chessmon
DigiAnalyserDS-Bishop Chessmon
Megumi Shirakawa: "BishopChessmon is the white PawnChessmon's Ultimate level. He's always in the offensive with his Bishop Laser attack."

Belphemon Rage Mode
DigiAnalyserDS-Belphemon Rage Mode
Akihiro Kurata: "From Sleep Mode to Rage Mode! This the true form of the Mega level Belphemon! He possesses the same attacks, but now we will do them with great vengeance and furious anger!"


Lalamon 1 Rosemon
Lalamon t Arrow RR.png Rosemon t
Falcomon 2 Peckmon 2 Crowmon
Falcomon (2006 anime) t Arrow R.png Peckmon t Arrow R.png Crowmon t
PawnChessmon 3 RookChessmon
PawnChessmon (Black) t Arrow RR.png RookChessmon (Black) t
PawnChessmon 4 BishopChessmon
PawnChessmon (White) t Arrow RR.png BishopChessmon (White) t
Belphemon Sleep Mode 5 Belphemon Rage Mode
5-36 07 Arrow R Blue.png 5-37 01
Gaomon 6 MirageGaogamon
Gaomon t Arrow RR.png MirageGaogamon t


Other NotesEdit

There is currently no trivia for this article.

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