BanchoLeomon b
Level Mega
Type Beast Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Buster
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Pandamon + GrapLeomon[1]
Next forms BanchoLeomon Burst Mode[4]
* (w/ Darkdramon)[5]
Chaosmon: Valdur Arm
* (w/ Varodurumon)[6]
* (w/ Darkdramon, Varodurumon, Kentaurosmon)[7]
DigiFuse forms DigiFuse Chart
Partners Spencer Damon
Fusion Fighters/United Army
Yuuko Kamishiro
Voice actors (Ja:) Takemoto Eiji (Savers), Keiichiro Yamamoto (Cyber Sleuth)
(En:) Wally Wingert (Data Squad)

BanchoLeomon is a Beast Man Digimon. It lives faithfully only to the "Justice" in which it trusts. It is said that only Digimon who continue to emerge victorious in battles with fierce champions, without their spirit being "broken", are able to acquire the title of "Bancho", and in the recorded history of the Digital World, only five Digimon which possess this title have been confirmed. As it is a boss that only serves its own "Justice", if something becomes an obstacle to that "Justice", it will see them as "Evil" even if they are a being like the Royal Knights or the Celestial Digimon, and they will become an enemy that it has to eliminate. The "GAKU-RAN" worn over its shoulders is endowed with a defensive function that negates 89.9% of the opponent's physical strikes. It wields its prided tantō, "Otokodama" (男魂? lit. "Man's Soul").[10]


  • King Lion (獅子羅王漸 Shishiraouzan?, lit. "Lion King Slash"): Unleashes an attack from the Otokodama.
  • Flashy Boss Punch (Flash Bantyo Punch): Releases a fist packed with fighting spirit honed to its utmost limit.
  • Otokogi (男気? lit. "Chivalry")
  • Otokodama


BanchoLeomon is a humanoid lion who have been styled after the modern Banchō, a particular type of juvenile delinquent. The characters on the GAKU-RAN are a quote of Siddhārtha Gautama's according to Buddhist belief which read "I alone am honored in heaven and on earth." (天上天下唯我独尊 Tenjou tenge yuiga dokuson?).


BanchoLeomon (バンチョーレオモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in most of the franchise.

BantyoLiomon (バンチョーレオモン)

Alternate romanization given by the Digimon Accel: Justice Genome official profile.


Digimon Data Squad

Digimon World Data Squad

BanchoLeomon is an optional boss in Doomsday Forest. He is also a Digivolution of Gaomon.

Digimon Next

A BanchoLeomon is among the many Digimon who show up to assist Tsurugi Tatsuno and his friends in the battle against NEO. Against the Future!

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Digimon World DS

BantyoLeomon digivolves from Monzaemon at level 67, but he must have a total of 60,000 Beast experience. He is an Attacker Digimon.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Bantyo Leomon is #349, and is a Mega-level, Balance-class, Beast-species Digimon with a resistance to the Earth element and weakness to the Thunder element. Its basic stats are 335 HP, 347 MP, 181 Attack, 157 Defense, 166 Spirit, 139 Speed, and 80 Aptitude. It possesses the Heroic Heart, Critical 4, Gladiator, and StatusBarrier traits.

Bantyo Leomon can DNA digivolve from GrapLeomon and Pandamon, if the base Digimon is at least level 64, with 50,000 Beast experience, and 420 attack. Bantyo Leomon can DNA digivolve to Beelzemon Blast Mode with Beelzemon, or to Chaosmon with Darkdramon or Valdurmon.

SaberLeomon can be hatched from the Tusk Egg.

Digimon World Championship

BanchoLeomon digivolves from Monzaemon with 20 battles 60 beast AP and an egg revert.

Digimon Accel: Justice Genome

BanchoLeomon is a Mega evolution in the Justice Genome.

Digimon Masters

BanchouLeomon is a Side Mega-level Mercenary Digimon. BanchouLeomon digivolves from SaberLeomon and Dinotigermon, once the "Gaku-ran" has been applied to it.

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