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Beastmon is the princess of Lake Zone who rules from Bastia Castle, and her servants include the PawnChessmons led by Knightmon, as well as a multitude of Pandamon and ToyAgumon. After the Fusion Fighters save her domain, Beastmon and her subjects join their army.


Despite being princess, Beastmon has a habit of taking cat naps two thirds of the day and comes off as a bit of a ditz at times.

As the Fusion Fighters came to her land, Beastmon meets Christopher Aonuma and initially considers him an ideal champion for her homeland. However, due to Christopher's discomfort at being cuddled, Beastmon names Mikey her champion instead, annoying Angie at her fowardness.

The Rival Champions! Ice To See You, Angie! Showdown in the Sand Zone Lost in Digital Space


  • Witch Warp (Helter Skelter): Beguiles the opponent with the bewitching charms of her belly dance.
  • Mind Fogger (Vampire Dance): Gets close to the opponent while dancing, then sucks out all the blood in their body, down to the last drop.

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