Best Partner 2 Ishida Yamato & Gabumon (ベスト・パートナー(2)石田ヤマト&ガブモン) is a single from Digimon Adventure 02.

Best partner 2 ishida yamato gabumon.jpg
Front Cover
Best partner 2 ishida yamato gabumon b.jpg
Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-13002
Format CDA
Release Date June 21, 2000
Price ¥ 1,300

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Negai Kanaeru Kagi"
(願いかなえるカギ The Key to Making Wishes Come True)
Yuuto Kazama
(Yamato Ishida)
2. "Daijob"
(It's Okay)
Mayumi Yamaguchi
3. "Oretachi no Melody"
(俺たちのメロディー Our Melody)
Yuuto Kazama & Mayumi Yamaguchi
(Yamato Ishida & Gabumon)

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