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Betsumon b
Level Ultimate
Type Puppet
Attribute Data
Family Unknown
DigiFuse forms DigiFuse Chart
Partners Tagiru Akashi
Voice actors (Ja:) Daisuke Kishio (Xros Wars)
Cards (Ja:) Bo-961, Vj-17

Betsumon is a Puppet Digimon whose name and design are derived from the V-Jump cosplayer Tailmon-Betsu (テイルもんべつ?). Normally dressed in a Gatomon costume, Betsumon's ability is to cosplay as other Digimon. Resemblance? No Resemblance? The Masquerade-Thief Betsumon

Digimon Fusion

Main article: Betsumon (Fusion)


  • Cold Gag: Tells a joke so bad that it causes its opponent to freeze solid.
  • Tsukkomi Punch (つっこみパンチ? lit. "Straight Man Punch")
  • Copied Attacks
    • Grey Sword: While disguised as Omnimon, slashes with the invincible "Grey Sword".
    • Rock Damashi: While disguised as Shoutmon, forms a ball of energy in the shape of an eighth note and throws it at the opponent.
    • Hellfire: While disguised as Astamon, fires every last bullet from the Oro Salmón.
    • Twin Spear: While disguised as AxeKnightmon, fires a purple colored energy blast from his right hand.
    • Smoke Bombs: While disguised as Monitamon, throws smokebombs at the enemy to make a quick getaway.[citation needed]
    • Pendragon's Glory: While disguised as Examon, conducts a high-powered laser firing.

"Betsumon + OmniShoutmon"

"Betsumon + OmniShoutmon"
DigimonIntroductionCorner-Betsumon 3
Debut Digimon Fusion,
"Resemblance? No Resemblance? The Masquerade-Thief Betsumon" [71]
Prior forms Betsumon + OmniShoutmon[1]

"Betsumon + OmniShoutmon" is the unnamed DigiFuse of Betsumon and OmniShoutmon. It is essentially a Betsumon covered in gold paint. Resemblance? No Resemblance? The Masquerade-Thief Betsumon

Notes and references

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