BlackGarurumon b
Level Champion
Type Beast
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Elecmon[1]
Next forms ShadowWereGarurumon[4]
Partners Yu Nogi

BlackGarurumon is Beast Digimon.


  • Freeze Fang: Bites with sharp icy cold fangs.
  • Ice Cannon: Fires a ball of ice.
  • Garuru Thrust: Kicks while doing a backflip.
  • Fox Fire[5]: Breathes out an intense blue flame.
  • Ice Wall


BlackGarurumon is a giant beast resembling a wolf (Canis lupus) with black fur, white stripes, magenta claws, and a very curly tail.


BlackGarurumon (ブラックガルルモン)

Name used in Digimon Collectors. No official romanization available.

  • (En:) Black.
  • (Ja:) Garuru (ガルルル?), the onomatopoeia for a wolf's growl.


Digimon Data Squad

When an Elecmon appeared in the real world, the DATS team pursued it in order to end the havoc it was causing. When they finally caught up to it, it Digivolved into a viral Garurumon (a Garurumon (Black) in Savers), prompting Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda and Thomas H. Norstein to Digivolve their own partners into Sunflowmon and Gaogamon. However, Marcus Damon's interference granted the offending Digimon a chance to take out the two Champions and escape. Marcus chased the Garurumon out of pride, having argued earlier with his partner, Agumon, and caught up to him, only to not stand a chance. Only when Agumon arrived to help him did the two make amends, and Garurumon was reverted to a Digi-Egg thanks to GeoGreymon.

Digimon World Data Squad

BlackGarurumon can be found in Livilus Island. He is the only NPS digimon you may fight in the area. BlackGabumon may digivolve into BlackGarurumon after meeting the right requirements.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

BlackGarurumon is an unlockable digivolution of BlackGabumon, digivolving to BlackMetalGarurumon.

Digimon World Championship

BlackGarurumon digivolves from Gabumon or Gazimon. BlackGarurumon can digivolve to ShadowWereGarurumon with 8 battles, BlackRapidmon with 40 beast AP, or WaruMonzaemon by passing time.

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