• Krzysiulka10

    Hello, this is not just a story about a group of people who have their own digimon. This story is the story of all humanity who through machine X entered the world of digimon 2.0.0. Each of the stories has 3 parts, a prologue, present times (2060) and an epilogue.

    - Mr Thomas! - I'm listening, Mr. John? - We have news about the world of Digimon! - Digimon? It's just a computer program that was invented 10 years ago. - He is not invented! - Mr. John, please do not say nonsense! - But this new machine, she ... Suddenly, a short, fat man with a white cloak and goggles entered the room. - A new machine which we call "Machine X" has opened a portal to a certain world! - This is now? Tell me what you saw there? - It may seem stupid, but I saw the…

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  • Phantomjerad

    There should be a Digimon Game Called Digimon Tamers Gallantmon's Quest That takes place after the events of Tamers and Runaway Locomon

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  • Dewandrop

    “Terror Cluster!”

    “Pyramid Laser!”

    “Mystic Break!”

    “Sky Wave!”


    “Fruit Flechette!”

    Beau and RustTyranomon, Rug and Anubismon, Riza and Eaglemon, Jim and GigaSeadramon, Busy and GranKuwagamon, and Yuyu and Ceresmon had intercepted the attack. E.A and Glo’s digimon were in their fresh forms. The Ceresmon present seemed to not recognize Monarchmon

    “Hey guys” Riza greeted

    “Whoa. Thanks” Falco expressed.


    Typhonmon had increased the ferocity of his attack. The digimon seemed now to struggle under the weight

    “Zurumon warp digivolve to!...” ->Kyokyomon->Elecmon->Clockmon->Knightmon-> “Craniamon! Waltz’s End!” he grinned over at their direction. It was the…

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  • Dewandrop

    The sun had begun to sink into the horizon. Standing at the edge of what appeared to be a dark mass, scattered with sparkles, the digidestines stared at what would be the continuation of their few-hour trek. Any attempts to fly into the galaxy-esque space had resulted in an invisible barrier defying any progression. Taking a step forth, Rex found himself floating in place. Spreading out his arms, and thrusting his body ever so slightly, he seemed to glide forth. Doing the same, the rest of the group followed closely behind. Around them, the area seemed to warp

    “Meteor Shower” called multiple voices

    “Core Blast!” Launching his attack, a radiating light shatter…

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  • Dewandrop


    Hailey flinched as her vision cleared. Upon regaining consciousness, she had found herself zooming in mid-air under the clutch of a purple and black clad Lilithmon. “No…” Hailey’s words were almost lost to the wind as she realized what must have happened. Her hair-tie had long come undone and now Hailey’s blonde locks flowed. “Hmhmhm” the gold clawed digimon laughed

    “STOP RIGHT THERE” D’Arcmon and Kazemon had seemed to materialize from out of nowhere. Caught off-guard, Lilithmon came to an abrupt halt



    An onslaught of tiny attacks bombarded Lilithmon; the baby digimon had emerged from Hailey’s outfit. Attempting to swat them away, her gra…

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  • Kitsunes97

    Join these new Digimon Wikis and these wiki need all of your supports!

    • Digimon Adventure Wiki
    • Digimon Frontier Wiki
    • Digimon Fusion Wiki

    • Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Wiki
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  • Megapot125

    So, I was thinking of doing a let's play as Kiiro, the main protagonist for Digimon V-Fight. it would be for Cyber sleuth, and Aguro would appear as an Agumon with a differing Digivolution Line, but I think It would be cool!

    Fresh In-Training Agumon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega Mega/Burst Mode

    Fresh In-Training Terriermon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega

    Fresh In-Training Dorumon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega

    Fresh In-Training Wormmon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega

    Imperius is effectively the most powerful Tamer in all of the series, and has the most powerful team, too. with his Digimon all at max level, Kiiro will have a tough time beating him when he shows up...

    Paladin is Imperius' main Partner Digimon, and also the last one you…

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  • Megapot125

    So, you know how this wiki allows you to create fan articles? I've been seeing some fan articles that have been bugging me a little. Some people don't seem to know how to make a good one. Now, I'm not an expert, nor am I saying that it's those people's faults (they most likely don't know any better), I just wanted to contribute with what I've learned over my time on this wiki: 1. when making a new article (Fan or otherwise) use templates! They're in there to make it easier. In case you don't know how, you click on the little button that says insert, then click on template when it shows up. it'll take you to a list of different templates. 2. Use the right template for the right kind of article. if the article is about basic information on a…

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  • Kentrostego32

    I've been wondering how many monkey/ape digimon there are, i currently know of

    • Monmon
    • Targetmon
    • Apemon
    • Gorillamon
    • Makuramon
    • Gokuwmon
    • Etemon
    • MetalEtemon
    • KingEtemon
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  • Taylorwalls

    Digimon Chichi Z Coming Soon 2018!

    Digimon Chichi Z Coming Soon 2018!

    Storyboard 100%! 3 Cr 107 Hickory Ridge AR 72347! 49 Road! Arkansas! Join Storyboard ANIME Digimon Yes Storyboard! Actor Voice! YES!

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