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  • Megapot125

    Seriously, why? it's really kind of simple.

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  • Lt Snow 911

    Short Blog

    November 26, 2016 by Lt Snow 911

    Hey guys, just saying hi, I'm a new member to the wiki, been a digimon fan since I was a kid am I will be staying around for a while. Have a good one.

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  • Reynoman

    Hey everybody!!

    Sorry it's been so long... Two weeks ago, I just got back from serving two years in the Family & Church History Headquarters Missions down in Salt Lake. I was able to do a lot of personal genealogy as well as for others. While serving, we were told that we shouldn't be going on websites that aren't approved, so I couldn't go on some of my favorite Wikia sites... We simply needed to focus on the Lord's work & not on the things of the world. I always tried my best to stay focused on the work, though not all the Young Elders I served with were faithful.

    I've always had an idea of what Digimon might look like as a live-action film. (Haven't most of us?) Some of the characters I came up with are based on people I saw back in Salt …

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  • Dewandrop

    “Be careful dear” a woman guided as she’d released her young son from a hug “Have fun”. Wyatt ran over to join the other kids on the play equipment. Squeals of joy, and giggles melodiously waltzed through the air on a cool, gentle breeze. Wyatt’s mother placed herself on a nearby bench with the other parents.

    “Hey, wanna go on the swings?” a blonde girl with pigtails asked. Wyatt nodded, his raven-black hair like silk. Taking a seat, Wyatt planted his feet and swayed. Kicking off from the ground, Wyatt launched himself into the air. Back and forth a stream of air played with his locks. Fluffy cotton-like clouds drifted slowly against a brilliant wash of light blue. Turning to look at the swing beside him, Wyatt’s laughter faded into an expr…

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Hello everyone, Shiramu-Kuromu here. After having played Digimon World DS for a while to begin finishing up the planning stages for Digimon Re: Story, I ran into a few speed bumps along the way to finalizing the plans I had. One of these speed bumps happened to be a specific Digimon which we'll talk about below. After receiving advice from my brother as to how to get this guide to properly work, and to ensure that it would work a repeated number of times, I finished up the following guide for your own needs should you ever run into the same problems I did.

    I decided to make this guide due to personal frustrations I had with the Digimon DemiDevimon on Digimon World DS. I originally DigiConverted it as a Myotismon, and then had degenerated it…

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  • Hyallne


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  • NaturallyTwisted

    It's been a seriously long time since I made my presence known, I guess it's time to redo some things, starting with my Digimon and Character...

    Name: Tsumi "Mizu" Utaimasu

    Zodiac: Aquarius

    Basic Description: Tsumi appears cold, having a mostly sedated look. However inside he's loyal, and will gladly sacrifice himself for someone he trusts and respects. Tsumi isn't an easily made friend, but his devotion lasts a long time. Tsumi can be quick to anger if someone confronts / insults him, and always loves a good fight. If you want Tsumi's gratitude, simply buy him meat, it seems that he and his partner practically live on it alone. Aside from his expression, Tsumi enjoys a sense of humor, and always wants to know about what goes on inside a frie…

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  • Welshdramon93

    This is a post of my fan made character for Digimon



    Description:Sam is a kind gentle and headstrong person his life changed when he met his partner digimon Velomon after finding his Digi-egg in section of a tech museum Sam wears a red sports jacket navy coloured jeans white trainers and a shirt with the welsh dragon on it he felt weak and afraid when he thought he was going to lose Velomon during a Bullmon stampede in the digital world.

    Digimon:Vaccine type

    Fresh:Sauromon a dinosaur type digimon that resembles a Botamon only covered in scales.

    In-training:DemiVelomon a dinosaur type digimon that resembles a small raptor with small patches of micro feathers.

    Rookie:Velomon a dinosaur type digimon with a slight resemblance to Agumon…

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  • StickFigureJosh


    February 24, 2016 by StickFigureJosh

    So... Never done a blog before. Well, I watched Digimon Tamers (eng. subbed of course) and I had an emotional train wreck. Leomon's death count went up, Impmon had some good characters themselves... were okay. Well, Tamers Is my favorite series, and I would watch it again and again. I guess this is good enough for a blog, right?

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  • Q-orca

    DW3 Enemy Formation

    February 17, 2016 by Q-orca

    Formation Data

    Level 9
    Species Beast
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