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  • Kentrostego32

    I've been wondering how many monkey/ape digimon there are, i currently know of

    • Monmon
    • Targetmon
    • Apemon
    • Gorillamon
    • Makuramon
    • Gokuwmon
    • Etemon
    • MetalEtemon
    • KingEtemon
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  • Taylorwalls

    Digimon Chichi Z Coming Soon 2018!

    Digimon Chichi Z Coming Soon 2018!

    Storyboard 100%! 3 Cr 107 Hickory Ridge AR 72347! 49 Road! Arkansas! Join Storyboard ANIME Digimon Yes Storyboard! Actor Voice! YES!

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Took me not even 40 minutes to design this one considering the relative ease of designing Child/Rookie forms I have nowadays even considering how different their evolved forms look nowadays than they did much earlier in the franchise. For those curious, I'm basically allowing people to utilize this very particular design I made if they intend to make use of it for stuff such as Meicoomon's Child/Rookie form and don't want to use something like Plotmon/Salamon for the role. Also my apologies, but unless you're intending on using the artwork I made for it alongside a template for something else which includes it, I can't remove my signature from it; message me on my talk page if you want to use it without the signature. The Overclocked Infer…

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  • Orko2814

    Hey everyone, Digimon Heroes! is celebrating its one year anniversary with free gifts, a special limited time in-game event and new content, Digimon Runes!

    Any player that logs in to Digimon Heroes between now and February 12th, 2017 will receive 365 Digimoney and 5 Green SP tickets for free! Tamers can now also collect Digimon Runes that will boost their stats, help in battling Yggdrasill in a limited time special event and unlock a world with brand new Digimon to collect!

    Digimon Runes allow you to upgrade your Digimon even further, and you can equip up to 5 runes at a time. Runes increase Digimon stats based on rarity and there are 10 rarities, which are available for each race (Dragon, Knight, Dark and Holy). Runes can be equipped to a Dig…

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  • Dewandrop

    …A holograph…

    Leomon fell to the ground in laughter. Slipping from his hiding spot, Ogremon held onto the tree in hysterics.

    “Oh, ohhh. I’m-” *snicker* “I’m sorry…you should’ve seen your faces”

    “C’mon, let’s go…” Rex uttered coldly

    “No no…wait…erhmm…mmm…” Leomon straightened himself out “It wasn’t all fake” he began, fighting back his urge to laugh.

    “She really is someone, she potentially could’ve been a digidestined” Ogremon explained

    “Potentially?” Delphi queried

    “Yeah, she-”

    “Almost got sucked into a spiralling vortex of blue light as a child” Wyatt interjected, looking down at the ground

    “OK fine, then you tell the story…” Ogremon grumbled

    “So she’s...”

    Wyatt nodded at Chad without looking at him

    “Who?! She’s Who!?!?” Falco insisted. Wyatt sighed …

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  • Inflixer

    App, discussions

    January 29, 2017 by Inflixer

    I'm new to this specific wikia right now, but some of the other ones have apps, and they have a thing called discussions on them. You can talk to people, make new posts, and generally just hang out. It'd be awesome if we could have our own app and discussions, considering this wiki is fairly active. Tell me what you think.

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  • Megapot125

    Seriously, why? it's really kind of simple.

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  • Lt Snow 911

    Short Blog

    November 26, 2016 by Lt Snow 911

    Hey guys, just saying hi, I'm a new member to the wiki, been a digimon fan since I was a kid am I will be staying around for a while. Have a good one.

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  • Reynoman

    Hey everybody!!

    Sorry it's been so long... Two weeks ago, I just got back from serving two years in the Family & Church History Headquarters Missions down in Salt Lake. I was able to do a lot of personal genealogy as well as for others. While serving, we were told that we shouldn't be going on websites that aren't approved, so I couldn't go on some of my favorite Wikia sites... We simply needed to focus on the Lord's work & not on the things of the world. I always tried my best to stay focused on the work, though not all the Young Elders I served with were faithful.

    I've always had an idea of what Digimon might look like as a live-action film. (Haven't most of us?) Some of the characters I came up with are based on people I saw back in Salt …

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  • Dewandrop

    “Be careful dear” a woman guided as she’d released her young son from a hug “Have fun”. Wyatt ran over to join the other kids on the play equipment. Squeals of joy, and giggles melodiously waltzed through the air on a cool, gentle breeze. Wyatt’s mother placed herself on a nearby bench with the other parents.

    “Hey, wanna go on the swings?” a blonde girl with pigtails asked. Wyatt nodded, his raven-black hair like silk. Taking a seat, Wyatt planted his feet and swayed. Kicking off from the ground, Wyatt launched himself into the air. Back and forth a stream of air played with his locks. Fluffy cotton-like clouds drifted slowly against a brilliant wash of light blue. Turning to look at the swing beside him, Wyatt’s laughter faded into an expr…

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