The following is an unofficial list of voice actors in Digimon Fusion the anime is currently licensed by Saban Brands and being dubbed by Studiopolis. These are just voice actors who I think would fit the role of the characters well, links are provided if you would learn more about the characters in case your new to Xros Wars or Fusion (whatever you want to call it) or want to know what other roles the voice actors have been in.

Xros Heart

Taiki- Antony Del Rio, Shoutmon- Derek Stephen Prince
Akari- Tara Platt
Zenjirou- Brad Macdonald
Baalmon, Beelzemon- Sam Riegal
Ballistamon- Steven Blum
Dorulumon- Troy Baker
Cutemon- Wendi Lee
Starmon- Beau Billingslea, Pickmons- Dorothy Ellis Fahn
Jijimon- Steven Blum
ChibiKamemon- Kate Higgins
Wisemon- Daran Norris

Blue Flare

Kiriha- Crispin Freeman, Greymon- Paul St Peter, MailBirdramon-
Deckerdramon- Kirk Thorton
Dracomon- Brian Beacock


Nene- Michele Ruff, Sparrowmon- Tifanie Christun, Mervamon- Tara Platt, Monimon, Monitamon-
Yuu- Kate Higgins, Damemon, Tuwarmon- Yuri Lowenthal
DarkKnightmon- Jamieson Price

Bugra Army

Bagramon- Richard Epcar
MadLeomon- Paul St Peter
Tactimon- Lex Lang
Lilithmon- Megan Hollingshead
Blastmon- Kyle Hebert

Seven Death Generals

Dorbrickmon- Lex Lang
Zamielmon- David Lodge
Splashmon- Joe Ochman
Olegmon (Fusion)- Brian Doyle-Murray
Gravimon- Steve Staley
Apollomon- Dave Mallow, Whispered- Frank Welker


Tagiru- Brianne Sidall, Gumdramon- Tara Strong
Ryouma- Johnny Young Bosch, Astamon-
Ren- Michael Reisz, Dracmon
Airu- Bridget Hoffman, Opossumon- Derek Stephen Prince

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