• FandomLTZ

    Digimon invasion

    February 25, 2015 by FandomLTZ

    Digimon invasion episodes list

    1. the invasion begins Ebemon and his mind control digimon invaded part of earth. King shoutmon looks for a human to fight against ebemon.King shoutmon eventually finds ruby and gives her a digiegg but a mind control digimon turns shoutmon into a digiegg now with 2 digieggs ruby flees to a save place to hatch the 2 digieggs.

    2. Vs airdramon the 2 digieggs hatches into Popomon and Red chibomon ruby and the 2 baby digimon head to ebemon is base to take down the mind control device. but Airdramon is trying to distory them. eventally popomon and red chibomon digivole into Liollmon and King shoutmon and defeat Airdramon

    3. Vs Kiwimon

    Ruby,liollmon and king shoutmon arrived at town that has kiwimon eating all villages…

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  • FandomLTZ

    king shoutmon's evo line

    February 20, 2015 by FandomLTZ

    Mikey's shoutmon has 2 younger forms

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  • JeffNimoy

    Jeff Nimoy Anime Q&A

    February 9, 2015 by JeffNimoy

    Hi Digimon/Naruto/Bleach, and overall Jeff Nimoy fans,

    I want to tell you all about an exciting new online panel I'm doing on Saturday, February 21, at 12 noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern Time, 7am Sunday Australian Eastern Time). It's being staged by a new online company called, where performers can reach out to their fans directly. I think this is a great service since I won't be able to attend every anime convention I'd like to this year, so a virtual online panel is the next best thing. I'll be discussing and answering your questions live about Digimon, Naruto, Bleach, Stitch, and more! You type, and I answer, live on camera!

    The price of this event is PAY WHAT YOU CAN! You can participate for as little as 10 cents ($1 recommen…

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  • FandomLTZ

    this shoutmon unlike mikey kudo's shoutmon has a fresh form and in training form Red chibomon and doremimon.

    Red chibomon is can digivole into dragon tye in training forms or into dragon rookies.

    Doremimon is a baby dragon that like music it has earphones that plays music as well when it digivoles into shoutmon the earphones becomes part of it's head.

    Omishoutmon is shoutmon's strongest form

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  • FandomLTZ

    King Shoutmon run has in Japan but in U.s.a he hasn't ended yet. But shoutmon is my favorite digimon now his king form is cool.

    Will shoutmon have a role in Digimon Tri? I don't know right now.

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  • FandomLTZ

    Team Ruby

    January 26, 2015 by FandomLTZ
    this Shoutmon is part of team ruby

    shoutmon's other forms doremimon in training form Omishoutmon unkown level digimon

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  • MetaljohnmonX2

    Hey, everyone!

    So, I'm from England and I've recently taken an interest in the Digimon CCG. I've loved Digimon since I was a kid but have never really focused on it. From my experience in the TCG area (I also play Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon when I'm in the mood) it seems that no one in the UK seems to take much notice of the Digimon CCG. I've recently started talking to friends about getting into the card game and they've been up for it and I was just wondering if anybody else in the UK plays? Also, if not, do you think it has potential to become as popular as the Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon card games?

    Any help or advice is appreciated,


    P.S. I've provided a picture of a card from the specific Digimon card game I'm talking about -

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  • LillyAdventures

    Prologue Ever since the Hunters finished all the evil, something started growing again in the Digi World. "La La La La, hmmm what is that?" - Cutemon asked "What do you see, Cutemon"? - Patamon said "It's becoming dark again, but it's not the nightime dark" Cutemon said "Uh oh.. We have to warn the Legendary Digimon" Patamon said "Right" Cutemon said - After running all the way to the kingdom, they made it there with no trouble - "It's back" both Cutemon and Patamon said "Are you sure?" the Legendary Digimon asked "We're positive, what do you we do?" Cutemon and Patamon asked and answered as well "Bring back the humans" the Legendary Digimon said

    Day 1

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  • FistoftheBeastKing

    Which Digimon would you like to see DNA digivolve and why? What would be the level, attacks, etc.? Would there be a second one (Ex: correct me if I'm wrong on this--Aquilamon + Gatomon DNA digivolve to Silphymon or Gatomon + Aquilamon DNA digivolve to Angewomon. I'm pretty sure that it says somewhere that Angewomon is a DNA digivlolution between Gatomon and Aquilamon even though Angewomon had Aquilamon traits.)

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  • Cherubi123


    September 19, 2014 by Cherubi123

    Deemon is a Digimon cousin to Veemon.

    She's around Veemons size but more plump.

    She has sky blue eyes and a white belly, she's a light magenta with small dark magenta wings on her back. A yellow diamond is on her forehead along with a small crest and four spikes on the side of her head.

    She's alot like Veemon on personality but is female and has more of a temper.

    Her special attack is Dee Headbut and Dee Claw

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  • Levelluna22

    Her only appearance was in the digimon Adventure episode home away from home. Tai and koromon thought she was a data illusion she ends up crying causing Tai and Koromon to escape.

    years after digimon adventure she is never shown again even in flashbacks.

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  • Hulk10


    August 17, 2014 by Hulk10

    It seems to me that Angewomon are always female.

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  • Sasukeofuchihaclan

    Hey guys! i was wondering who is better between gabumon and gaomon could you help me out please??

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  • CrestsofDetermination&Loyalty

    I'm pretty excited for the upcoming several months. Between Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Digimon All-Star Rumble, I know I'm going to be spending some money. Plus with Operation Decode gaining more and more support, we might get other games too. And I have heard that Fusion will be starting up again in 2015 (although I don't know if that has been confirmed). I must admit that even though I was disappointed in the first several episodes, they have redeemed themselves and I can't wait for the next episodes to come. However, what I am most excited about is what I like to call "Digimon Adventure 03." I don't know if they'll call it that or if they'll come up with something else, but it seems like a logical choice. Ever since I heard t…

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  • Levelluna22

    There could be digimon base on tv characters because tv data is fused with digimon data.

    Zimon (baby/fresh) -> Zibimon (in-training form)-> Zimmon (rookie) -> irkbeetlemon (champion) eliteirkbeetlemon (ultimate) Slashirkmon (mega)

    smallspongemon (in traning form) -> spongemon (rookie) -> sea coralmon (champion)

    Dipamon (rookie) -> powmon (champion) Mablemon (rookie) -> rainbomon (champion)

    Gazemon (rookie) -> ClawGazemon (champion)

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  • William.lederman

    I bellowed as a dark figure came to me. He coudn't be a witch. He and a small DRAGON were walking. My wish was still in my mind "Could he be the end result"I thought. I stumbled up to my feet. I was in a jungle. He had black hair and a jacket with flames on it. "Your finnaly awake huh" said a voice

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  • Digimon Adventure

    Chapter 19

    June 13, 2014 by Digimon Adventure

    Write the first paragraph of your page here.

    Chapter 19

    Chapter 19: The Dark Network of Etemon

    When we all settled down in Server, everybody just sat down for a break. I don't we really had a time limit on when we needed to find the tags. It was around the afternoon, so we could have something to eat right about now. Or them, I should say. I don't need anything to eat or anything like that. Izzy and I went away for a moment to find something to have them all eat.

    "Izzy, what do you think we might possibly find here?" I asked him, but then realized I might not have been to well descriptive with my question. "I mean, like on the level of food that we can find." I added onto my question, so he could understand it further now.

    'I don't exactly know…

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  • Matt Hadick

    What are your favorite WACKY and WILD movies, TV, and comics? Tell us here!

    Calling fans of all things Wacky and Wild! Wikia recently posted a Wacky & Wild Entertainment Guide showcasing some of the latest and greatest in off-the-wall entertainment. Check out the guide and share your favorite favorite wacky and wild movies, shows, and comics in the comments!

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  • MasterCharmander13

    I'm doing a continuation of Adventure 03 on my own Wordpress site. Link:

    • Railey and Betamon
    • Takeru and Patamon
    • Helen and Lunamon
    • Hersel and Impmon

    Please check it out! ;)

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  • Tsubasasama

    Looking for Members

    April 1, 2014 by Tsubasasama

    Guild name: LegendKillers IGN: Tsubasasama Server: Leviamon

    I've just started a new guild that anybody can join. If you're in the server and looking for a guild, send me a message :D

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  • MasterCharmander13

    I'm doing a digimon fan series here: If anyone's intersted:

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  • The Nth Doctor

    Stop SOPA now!

    March 16, 2014 by The Nth Doctor

    I just heard some very disturbing news. A new version of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Acts) is on the verge of being passed. If it does, all fanart, fanfiction, and fan-made videos could be considered "piracy" and removed. If you don't want that to happen, sign the petition against it here:

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    NOTICE: All of these so far have been confirmed and double checked by yours truly. All of the resulting combinations listed below for each Digimon WILL get you said Digimon that said requirements are for, you just have to be patience depending on whether you're going for one of the Champions in particular as your first Champion. So far, I've confirmed all of the Champion possibilities for Agumon, so those are what are listed below for the moment til I can get around to confirming the requirements for other Digimon as well.

    Please note that due to the way this game works, it will take me time to complete this guide, so please, be patient with me on this one. Also note all of the requirements listed below are the ones I've used for AGUMON to …

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Alrighty then, most of you probably seen my upload for E.D.E.N.32, which is a recreation of events in Digimon World that I haven't actually gotten around to. HOWEVER, I am here to change that and rise to the challenge, solely to help celebrate Operation Decode's accomplishments, and show my own support for the game's release in the US by playing through the very game that inspired it's gameplay; Digimon World.

    The episodes can be found here:

    NOTICE: Occasionally some episodes will have swearing, which is fairly commonplace for my videos as a whole. You have been warned.

    • Digimon World Episode 1 - Digivolve, Centarumon!
    • Digimon World Episode 2 - BAD Centarumon, BAD!!

    • Digimon World Episode 3 - Not doing well...
    • Digimon World Episode 4 - Nothing new…

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  • FangKnightGarmore

    Straight from egg form: Kindlemon

    In-Training: Embermon- Attacks= Ember Blast, Blaze Crash

    Rookie: Blazemon- Attacks= Blazing Blade, Blaze Crash, Inferno Fist

    Champion: Infernidramon- Attacks= Inferno Fist, Blazing Blade, Fire Storm

    Ultimate: Metali-Infernidramon- Attacks= Knights Judgement, Hellfire Blaze, Hellfire Blade

    Mega: Omegainfernomon- Attacks= Blue Hellfire Inferno, Dragonfire Blade, Eternal Phoenix Fireblaze

    Armor Digivolutions:

    Courage: Blazibladedramon- Attacks= Fireblaze Blade, Dragonfire Crossbow, Dragonfire Blade

    Friendship: Sparkdramon- Attacks= Hellfires Judgement, Hellfires Storm, Thunderstorm Crossbow

    Golden: Magmamon- Attacks= Majestic Fireblaze Fist, Fireblaze Blade, Eternal Inferno Storm


    Infernogreymon- Attacks= Hellf…

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  • FangKnightGarmore

    Digimon Tamers United-(The next big online game all based on Digimon)


    Once was only a famed legend of a world not far from ours. We thought it was nothing until strange creatures started to cross over to our world. Now we need your help, join the fight and keep the creatures in their own world and help them solve the problems there. This is the Digital World, and the creatures are known as Digimon. Be friend as many Digimon as you would like and build your team you may also be able to spirit evolve or transform yourself into a Digimon Legendary Warrior. Meet many other tamers along the way and help one another. This will be your chance to save two worlds at once.


    I just have recently been playing a few of the Dig… Read more >
  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Operation Decode

    March 5, 2014 by Shiramu-Kuromu

    For those who don't know, Operation Decode is a petition to get Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode over into the US and Europe. So far, people from Bandai Namco are actually paying attention to the petition:

    However, even as to where we currently stand (23,691+ signatures), we need signatures to continue should we ultimately reach our goal; To get this game localized into the International market, so that all Digimon fans can enjoy this game! We must show them that we still care for Digimo…

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  • NaturallyTwisted

    This is probably going to end up as a "Work In Progress" or even "Under Construction", but I think it's better to announce these ideas, finished or not.

    (Fresh/Hatchling) Lizmon-0.8+ ft. tall/ 2 ft. long

    (In-Training) Carnimon-2-3 ft. tall/ nearly 2 meters long (about 5.6 ft. long)

    (Rookie) Dinamon-2.4 meters tall (8 ft.)/ 3.7-4 meters long (13.5-16 ft. long)

    (Champion) Spinasaumon-7 meters tall (22.9 ft. tall)/ 13.1-13.7 meters long (43-45 ft. long)

    (Ultimate) Ark Spinasaumon-15 meters tall (50 ft. tall)/ 26.5 meters long (up to 87 ft. long)

    (Mega) Apex Spinasaumon-20-27 meters tall (65.6-88.5 ft. tall)/

    Nearly/Over 40 meters long (124.6-154.1 ft. long) Read more >
  • Revinchristian.hatol

    This movie is all about two Toei hits meeting each other for the very first and only time ever: Digimon and Pretty Cure!

    • Nagisa/Black
    • Honoka/White
    • Hikari/Luminous
    • Saki/Bloom
    • Mai/Egret
    • Michiru/Bright
    • Kaoru/Windy
    • Nozomi/Dream
    • Rin/Rouge
    • Urara/Lemonade
    • Komachi/Mint
    • Karen/Aqua
    • Love/Peach
    • Miki/Berry
    • Inori/Pine
    • Setsuna/Passion
    • Tsubomi/Blossom
    • Erika/Marine
    • Itsuki/Sunshine
    • Yuri/Moonlight
    • Hibiki/Melody
    • Kanade/Rhythm
    • Ellen/Beat
    • Ako/Muse
    • Miyuki/Happy
    • Akane/Sunny
    • Ayumi/Echo
    • Yayoi/Peace
    • Nao/March
    • Reika/Beauty
    • Runa/Lilac
    • Mana/Heart
    • Rikka/Diamond
    • Alice/Rosetta
    • Makoto/Sword
    • Aguri/Ace
    • Megumi/Lovely
    • Hime/Princess
    • Yuko/Honey
    • Iona/Fortune

    • Joe Kido/Gomamon
    • Tai Kamiya/his Agumon
    • Matt Ishida/Gabumon
    • Sora Takenouchi/Biyomon
    • Izzy Izumi/Tentomon
    • Mimi Tachikawa/Palmon
    • T.K. Takaishi/Patamon
    • Kari Kamiya/Gatomon
    • Davis…

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  • NaturallyTwisted

    Digimon Sizes?

    February 6, 2014 by NaturallyTwisted

    I've done alot of research before, trying to find out just how big these creatures really are, with absolutely no luck. but then I remembered the Adventure Movie, I loved that film when I was young, why not?.

    I found that they used a LOT of scenes involving both Humans and Digimon! After I carefully inspected these scenes I came up with the most accurate conclusion I possibly could. Enjoy

    Averge DigiEgg- 1.5 to 2 feet

    Botamon- 1"2 feet

    Koromon- 1"4 to 1"7 feet tall / 1 meter ( 3.28084 Feet )

    Agumon (Adventure)- barely over 1 meter (3-4 feet)

    Agumon (Big/AM)- 8 feet tall

    Greymon (Upright/Adventure)- 24 feet tall / 46 feet long / (Horn) about 4 to 5 feet

    Greymon (Lowered/AM)- 24 to 27 feet tall / 48 feet long / (Horn) nearly 7 feet

    Metal Greymon- 64 …

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  • Brittonbubba
    1. Am I allowed to use the Japanese names in the titles of the articles for characters, or even use them in the articles in the first place? Because my fanfic uses the Japanese names instead of English names.
    2. Is it alright if I use some bad language?
    3. My fanfic implies much higher violence than the regular kid shows. Is that allowed?
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  • Jawsisra

    About me

    January 23, 2014 by Jawsisra

    I wanted to tell you a little bit about my self.

    My name is Jason.

    I have a learning disablity so you might have to explain things a lot more clearer to me so I understand what you are saying.

    My favor Digimons are Gatormon Agumon Magnadramon

    My hobbys deal with Digimon Pokemon Zelda Sonic Mario Yugioh

    After the ending of the 1st Season many years ago I have been working on a small project on my own. A Digi-Dex Binder Its a Binder containing the following Data on EVER digimon in a Digimon Analyzer format (Season 1 and 2 versions)

    Name Pic Level Attribute Type Attacks Pre-Forms Next Forms

    Then a Page after the Analyzer page is a page list were the Digimon can be found

    Such as which Anime, Manga, Video Game, V-Pet, and ect.

    The Levels I counsider…

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  • Revinchristian.hatol

    Digimon will launch a new series in the near future, i call this arc "The Chosen Generals and the Gigantic Digital War/選ばれしジェネラルとギガンティックデジタルウォー/Erabareshi Jeneraru to Jaigantikku Dejitaru Wō"!. The Xros Heart United Army and the Digimon Hunters continue their battle between good and evil! This time, it's more epic than ever as Taiki, Tagiru and all their friends became true generals!

    DeviantArt Version FanFiction Version

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  • FireBird170

    Hello world!!!!

    January 20, 2014 by FireBird170

    Hi im FireBird and love Digimon. I started an acount on this Wikia last October, yet this is my first blog post. All i wanted to really say is that PLEASE dont critise my editing im not that good. Ok signing off

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  • Cooldude4443

    digimon is cool

    December 17, 2013 by Cooldude4443

    tai and friends go to camp an then they find digivices so then they wake up in the digiwold so they met there partners digimon and they battle in fight and so after defeting the bad guy they made the digiwold free

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  • Galaxyman83

    Digimon Ruby Fanfic

    December 11, 2013 by Galaxyman83

    1. DaFu arrives in the Digital World!

    DaFu and his classmates were attending a camp-out. DaFu was bored, so he went to Kari and Awu. "Hey guys," said DaFu. "Davis, do you mind?" said Awu. "We were talking." "C'mon," said Kari. "Seriously?!" shouted DaFu. "I'm outta here!" He ran as fast he could into the forest. He heard his classmates call his name, but he didin't listen. Suddenly, a strange divice appeared in his right hand! He then found a deck of cards in his left hand. "Whoa," DaFu said. Suddenly, a portal appeared before him! "AAAAAAAAAAHHH!" DaFu screamed. He woke up in a strange and small house. He looked in front of him and saw a girl and a strange creature beside her! "What the-" cried DaFu. "Who are you?" "My name name is Lunah… Read more >
  • Theglem4

    I was thinking, since there is no quick and easy way to find out about Digimon World digivolutions, I should make myself useful and create a chart of it. I am new to this, so is that okay? I don't just mean the idea, I'm also asking if I am allowed to create a page of that fashion? I don't see why not, and before I get 20 comments of "Read the rules (or whatever they are called)," I have, but I want to be 100% sure it's alright. Also, I can only find an image of one of the four eggs from the game, so should I just skip it or describe what each looks like? I will probably skip it. One last thing; do I have to use the images from the actual game or are any fair game or what? I want to make sure.

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  • KimeramonRocks

    Digimon Daily

    November 11, 2013 by KimeramonRocks

    Hi! This is Digimon Daily here, bringin' you Digimon Wiki news and weekly trivia! 11/10 - 11/16 (NOT DONE)

    Hot Spots Pages with the most editors in the last 3 days.

    3editors Meltdown in the Magma Zone

    3editors Kazemon

    2editors Ponchomon

    2editors Takato Matsuki

    2editors Talk:VenomMyotismon

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  • KimeramonRocks

    Welcome to my GatomonRocks/KimeramonRocks digimon fanfiction station! Here, you can start your own story about digimon and DigiDestined! Just look for an empty slot to put your own story, or edit other stories! Rules: If editing someone else's story, do not add MAJOR changes to a storyline. If there are no empty slots, DO NOT delete other stories. Add a slot or message me.

    "They're coming." I murmured to myself. I'm one of thousands of Botamon in this building who are sheltering from the infection that has turned millions of digimon into zombies. Each species of digimon has its own base. Right now, I'm still a Botamon. I hope I don't digivolve right now. I'm in Sector A79 by myself. Its a hidden bunker with walls reinforced with 55 layers o…

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  • KimeramonRocks


    November 11, 2013 by KimeramonRocks
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  • Hulk10

    male gatomon

    November 9, 2013 by Hulk10

    I wonder would a male gatomon become angewomon?

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  • Hulk10

    Wargreymon's true face

    November 9, 2013 by Hulk10

    I wonder what Wargreymon's true face looks like.

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  • Hulk10

    Their attitude towards mercy seemed excessive.... But I do understand their feelings.

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  • V-monfan1

    my favorite digimon human girls

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  • V-monfan1

    Read more >
  • V-monfan1

    my top 4 favorit digimon human couples.

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  • V-monfan1

    My fav digimon humans

    November 1, 2013 by V-monfan1

    This is my list of favorite human characters in the digimon franchise.

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  • William.lederman

    Digmon Emporor

    October 18, 2013 by William.lederman

    Diamond Emporium was Maimonides Controllable in Diamond but was destroyed by Mammon like Stall and Animator.

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  • William.lederman

    Digmon Advenure 04 is a fictional Youtube Series. Here it goes!Cari is in the digiworld when she and Gatomon find Augomon X a War Monziemon Cari and Gatomon megere to Fayrimon and later fighting Galentmon she and Caulmon became nicemon by Farymon.

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  • Aiden11271

    a digimon fanfic

    October 11, 2013 by Aiden11271

    hi i'm leomon im the host of digifight where 20 digimon fight the contestants agumon starmon digitamon gabumon etemon demidevimon palmon patamon piximon big mamemon pumpkinmon hawkmon datamon gazimon elecmon veemon wormon tentamon biyomon and veggiemon

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