• Shiramu-Kuromu


    October 10, 2013 by Shiramu-Kuromu


















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  • Hulk10

    Metal Greymon

    October 5, 2013 by Hulk10

    Does anyone else have a problem with Metal Greymon's asymmetrical arms?

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  • Mgoff92

    [RYLAN holds PATAMON, and ALYSSA holds GATOMON, and they giggle.]

    Rylan: Hey! Let’s play a game with the baby Digimon!

    Alyssa: Okay!

    [On the cliff above stands LEOMON, corrupted by the Black Gears.]

    Leomon: I’m obliged to obey your command, Devimon.

    [He rips his sword from its sheath. All the baby DIGIMON in front of RYLAN, ALYSSA, GATOMON, and PATAMON have scared faces.]

    Rylan: Okay, so you don’t wanna play any games.

    [PATAMON turns his head.]

    Patamon: Leomon’s come back!

    Rylan: Huh?

    [He turns and sees LEOMON, who runs down the cliff side with sword in hand.]

    Patamon: Boom Bubble!

    Gatomon: Lightning Paw!

    [LEOMON is hit and stops on the wall.]

    Patamon: We’ve got to get outta here!

    Rylan: Yeah!

    [They turn and run. LEOMON walks in the trees searching for hi…

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  • Mgoff92

    Chapter 12: DigiBaby Boom

    October 2, 2013 by Mgoff92

    [RYLAN and PATAMON are in a bed flying over a waterfall]

    Rylan and Patamon: Wahhh!

    Rylan: This is totally no fair. What’s happening Patamon?

    [They land in the water]

    Rylan: Where is everybody? Just when I think this place is the bomb, it all goes creepy on me again.

    [PATAMON flies RYLAN out of the water, holding him by his underwear.]

    Rylan: Sure would be awful without Patamon.

    [Meanwhile, on top of Infinity Mountain]

    Devimon: You have failed me.

    Leomon: I’m sorry, Master.

    Ogremon: We almost had them, Devimon, and then…

    [DEVIMON picks OGREMON up by the throat]

    Ogremon: [chokes] No, wait. I can explain…

    Devimon: Spare me your excuses.

    Ogremon: Yes master please, please just put me down.

    [DEVIMON releases his grip on OGREMON.]

    Ogremon: Thank you, Master.


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  • Mgoff92

    [Somewhere floating on the water is MICHAEL and GOMAMON on MICHAEL’s bed and MICHAEL is hanging over the front.]

    Michael: There’s one thing I’ve learned in Digi-World, beds don’t make good boats.

    [He turns around and sees GOMAMON eating.]

    Michael: Uh!

    [GOMAMON pops some food into his mouth.]

    Michael: What!?

    [He hops to his bag.]

    Michael: Did I just hear you eating again?!

    Gomamon: Mm hm.

    Michael: Didn’t I tell you not to eat all the food since we don’t know when we’ll find land?! I told you that we’d need to ration which means to save food for later, as in much later!

    Gomamon: But it is later, Michael. You told me that twenty minutes ago.

    [MICHAEL grabs GOMAMON and starts shaking him.]

    Michael: Twenty minutes is not much later! Please tell me that the…

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  • Mgoff92

    [BEN’s bed is flying down to an island.]

    Ben: Whoa! Tentomon I would say we’re traveling at a very high speed plummeting toward an unidentified island. And uh, crash landing is imminent.

    Tentomon: Try to think of it as if we’re just hitting the beach.

    [In the sky over the second island, AFTON and PALMON fly down on their bed, yelling and they crash into the forest.]

    Afton: Ooh, now that should be good for some frequent flyer miles.

    [Later AFTON is dressed and it’s morning.]

    Palmon: Are you alright Afton?

    Afton: Oh no, humidity.

    Palmon: Yeah, some kind of tropical rain forest but not one I’m familiar with, it all happened so fast. Where are we?

    Afton: Have you any idea what humidity does to my hair?

    Palmon: Hm?

    Afton: It goes like all poodley, not a p…

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  • Mgoff92

    Joe: Thanks to that creep, Devimon, File Island broke up and all us kids got separated. Now, he’s up there in his castle on Infinity Mountain, and I hate to think what horrible things he’s planning next!

    [DEVIMON is in a dark, gothic-looking room in his castle, laughing. LEOMON and OGREMON are in the room as well.]

    Devimon: Now that they’re on their own, those little intruders will meet their doom. Nothing can stand in my way. The DigiDestined don’t have a chance. Now fly, my Black Gears, fly!

    [JOE and AGUMON are floating on a sheet of ice in the middle of a seemingly endless sea.]

    Agumon: Joe, it’s cold, I’m hungry, and I wish we were on solid ground.

    Joe: It looks like you’re about to get your wish. But next time, be careful of what you wish …

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  • Mgoff92

    [The gang reaches the end of the pathway up Infinity Mountain.]

    Michael: This place could really use a good bus system.

    Jaren: Yeah, but it looks like we’re at the end of the line.

    Michael: We’re doomed. Trapped on an island. We’ll never get out of here alive! I knew I wouldn’t like camp, but would my folks listen to me? No…I knew I should’ve gone to summer school…

    [In another part of Infinity Mountain, a Black Gear floats up. LEOMON, a lion-like DIGIMON, walking on two legs, is traveling up the path. He carries a sword on his back.]

    Leomon: Another Black Gear! I sense danger…

    [OGREMON, a green-skinned DIGIMON, with a shock of silver hair and a bone club, jumps out on LEOMON.]

    Ogremon: Pummel Whack! Leomon, you may be mighty, but now you face me!…

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  • Mgoff92

    [Open to all the KIDS and DIGIMON walking through the forest. It’s very cold, and some of them are shivering.]

    Gomamon: I know this is no day at the beach, Michael, but that’s no reason to be a worry wart about it, and make all your friends unhappy. Pardon the pun, but chill out. Only you’ve got a problem with the cold. Everyone think warm.

    Michael: I’m allergic to fur.

    Joe: Oh, come on. The cold isn’t that bad.

    Rylan & Alyssa: [gasp]

    Ben: Perhaps not if you’re a polar bear or a penguin.

    Joe: Yeah, but if it shows, we’ll throw some snowballs!

    Afton: And make snowmen!

    Gomamon: Who do you think Snowmon is?

    Gabumon: A Digimon from their planet?

    Ben: It’s difficult to explain.

    Tentomon: Well, if it’s edible, count me in.

    Alyssa: No, the best thing about s…

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  • Mgoff92

    [KIDS and DIGIMON are shown walking in sewer]

    Joe: Ok, everybody, let’s sing the song that Agumon wrote for us!

    All: Digimon eat and Digimon fight, Digimon Digivolve and fight all night.

    Palmon: Singing sure is fun!

    Agumon: Now let’s try some solo performances, starting with Afton.

    [KIDS stop walking and make faces.]

    Joe: Afton?

    Amree: Afton?

    Jaren: Singing?

    Michael: Mercy!

    [AFTON, delighted, closes her eyes, and begins to sing rather badly…]

    Afton: Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roooooooam!

    Michael [sings]: Avoiding your drone!

    Afton: Hey, come on, I had music lessons for three years.

    Rylan [innocently]: Oh you did? Did it help?

    Ben: Hey, Afton, you should get a refund, that’s what I think.

    Alyssa: Be nice, guys.

    Amree: Then let’s sing as a group!


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  • Mgoff92

    Alyssa: We passed this place before.

    Michael: You mean we walked all the way around the whole planet!

    Afton: That just can’t be I can’t walk that far can I? I'm so tired.

    [AFTON stops for a rest followed by GOMAMON and RYLAN.]

    Rylan: My feet are hot.

    Alyssa: Looks like we’re taking a break.

    Amree: Well, it’s not like we have some place to be, Alyssa.

    Gatomon: Ah! My feet hurt from walking so much.

    Joe: I guess you’re right. There’s no reason to hurry.

    Jaren: Check out Ben. I bet he’s trying to e-mail the aliens.

    Joe: Maybe he’s asking them to beam him up.

    Ben: Still crashed, and the warranties expired.

    Joe: Hey Ben, I know how to get it to boot up you’ve got to give it a couple of adjustments.

    Ben: Hey, quit it! Are your brain cells malfunctioning?


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  • Mgoff92

    [The group is again walking through the forest with road signs posted between the trees, when something large passes over their heads, making a loud noise.]

    Amree: What—hey!

    Joe: Whoa, did you hear that?

    Jaren: It seems to be some sort of aircraft.

    Amree: It looked like a big flying Gear.

    Ben: Admit it. My alien theory is becoming more plausible.

    Michael: Yeah, they hit us with an anti-gravity ray to make us all crooked!

    Joe: Or maybe that sign’s just crooked.

    [RYLAN slips while climbing up the small hill where the bigger kids are, but is helped up by JOE.]

    Alyssa: Rylan!

    Rylan: Whoa! That was scary!

    Joe: Watch it! That could’ve been a snake, or worse!

    Rylan: Oh boy, I’m sorry. Hey Biyomon, are there really snakes here?

    Biyomon: No, just giant flying k…

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  • Mgoff92

    Chapter 3: Garurumon

    October 1, 2013 by Mgoff92

    [The group is standing on a cliff, overlooking the sea. JOE is standing at the edge, thinking.]

    Joe: We’ve almost searched the whole island, and we still haven’t found any people yet. Just some monsters with attitude. But they couldn’t beat our Digimon who could turn into these awesome fighters. Like when Agumon Digivolved into Greymon and kicked Shellmon to the curb! He was so cool! Yo, Agumon!

    Agumon: What’s up, Joe?

    Joe: I like it when you’re Greymon. No offense, but why don’t you just stay that way?

    Agumon: I can’t.

    Joe: Hm.

    Agumon: But even superheroes need a rest.

    Joe: Huh. Eee-yaa!

    [JOE loses his footing and teeters on the edge. AGUMON reaches out and snags his shirt with a claw, pulling him back. The others laugh, then they all turn with a…

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  • Mgoff92

    [The group tumbles down toward the valley below. The KIDS and their DIGIMON are falling from the cliff through the air.]

    Biyomon: Amree!

    Tentomon: Ben!

    Patamon: Rylan!

    [The three flying DIGIMON desperately grab onto their respective partners and fly hard to keep them from falling, but the combined weight is too much, and they all continue falling. PALMON, holding tightly to AFTON, whips out a Poison Ivy attack, clinging to a rock jutting from the cliff face. The rock comes loose from the wall, and follows PALMON and AFTON as they fall. GOMAMON and MICHAEL are the first to hit the water below.]

    Gomamon: Marching Fishes!

    [Around GOMAMON, hundreds of fish surface and swim together, forming a floating raft which picks MICHAEL out of the water and ca…

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  • Mgoff92

    [Scene opens on a shot of the Earth spinning in space.]

    Joe: That’s home. Planet Earth. But I’m not sure that’s where I am right now. Okay, let me back up a little. It all began when the climate went completely out of control. The rainforest dried out, and other places got totally flooded with muddy oceans. And get this: places that were normally blazing hot in the summer, got super cold. At the time, I didn’t know any of this was going on, because I was at camp. All of the other campers were, you know, goofing off and hanging out. Me? I was enjoying the summer sun while…uh, going over my multiplication tables.

    [JOE is lying on a tree branch, snoring. From the bright blue sky, a snowflake falls.]

    Joe: That is, until it started to snow. In the…

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  • Mgoff92

    So I've decided to rewrite Digimon Adventure with my own characters. My characters are:

    • Joseph "Joe" Kamiya (Tai) and Agumon
    • Jaren Ishida (Matt) and Gabumon
    • Amree Takenouchi (Sora) and Biyomon
    • Benjamin "Ben" Izumi (Izzy) and Tentomon
    • Afton Tachikawa (Mimi) and Palmon
    • Michael Kido (Joe) and Gomamon
    • Rylan Takaishi (T.K.) and Patamon
    • Alyssa Yagami (Kari) and Gatomon

    Other than a few added lines (for Alyssa and Gatomon), it should generally be the same.

    Here's a link to the first chapter:

    Chapter 1: And So It Begins

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  • Zen shadow

    Geisha World

    September 16, 2013 by Zen shadow

    The Geisha World Wiki is named after the artistic and mystical women known as Geisha (Geiko or Geigi), but it deals with interests other than geisha, such as; the arts in Japan, their religion which is traditionally Shinto, and many other interesting and intriguing things about Japan. The Geisha World Wiki also gives users the freedom to talk about multiple subjects considering Japan, without being tied down to one subject. You can truly say that the Geisha World Wiki is about everything Japanese, and we wish to be affiliated with wikis of the same topics.

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  • Aster Selene

    (I'm back...?)

    September 12, 2013 by Aster Selene

    Hi everyone. Sorry for just popping in here randomly throwing input into things after having been inactive for a while.

    I'm thinking of cleaning up that Fan section like I should have done a while back - school starts soon so I won't have a lot of time and can't make promises, but at least I need to put in a to-do list.

    • Clean up Relationships section
    • Definitely clean up Relationships section (example page?)
    • Possibly set up organization page for fan namespace (if there isn't one already? it's been a while)

    ...basically, everything I should have done years ago. Sorry, guys.

    Also, I recently bought Adventure PSP, so I'm thinking of filling in info I can find from it.

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  • KimeramonRocks


    September 7, 2013 by KimeramonRocks

    everyone is framing me -.-

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  • KimeramonRocks

    DarkPoisonDragomon was a forgotten digimon. DarkPoisondragomon often shrinks itself to the size of Halsemon. It can breathe poison and spray it from its claws and tail, or, instead of poison, it will spray a stench that is powerful enough to drive away or knock out even mega digimon. It is a God-Class digimon whose origins are in the mythical realm, but whenever it talks about its past, it says its father was an Aegisdramon. Its poison is fatal to everything, and its scales smell as bad as the smell it sprays. It is the most powerful digimon, but since it was forgotten, VictoryGreymon takes its place.

    Attacks: Poison Spray, Nightmare Shroud, Claw Attack, Afterimage Strike (aka Shadow Dash)

    Digivolves from:

    PoisonDragomon (another forgotten di…

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  • Vice210

    From right to left: Taiki Kudo: Yuri Lowenthal, Shoutmon: Derek Stephen Prince, Akari Hinamoto: Melissa Fahn, Zenjiro Tsurugi: Steven Blum, Dorulumon: Steven Blum, Ballistamon: Doug Erholtz, Starmon: Richard Epcar, Cutemon: Peggy O Neal, Pickmons: Brianne Siddall, Dondokomon: Derek Stephen Prince, Kiriha Anouma: Johnny Yong Bosch, Greymon: Brian Beacock, MailBirdramon: Neil Kaplan, Nene Amano: Laura Bailey, Monimon: Brianne Sidall, Monitamon: Peggy O Neal, DarkKnightmon: Richard Epcar,

    Taiki Kudo and his childhood friend Akari Hinamoto and rival Zenjiro Tsurugi are sucked into a mysterious world inhabited by sentimental digital monsters called Digimon, after Taiki saves a Digimon's life, named Shoutmon. The Digital World is currently under …

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  • Blueflare202

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  • Jhj1123

    Ok, I have been wondering what digimon I would have. Then I was like "Hey! why don't I ask the people on the wiki!". So I want to know what digimon you think I would have. I can be from any season, but it should be one with a full digivolution chain which means it needs to have a fresh form, an in-training form, a rookie form, a champion form, an ultimate form, & a mega form. Here's some things that might help you decide; my astrological sign is a scorpio, I love water, and I'm HUGE on sports. Hope that helped! Please comment.

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  • Setheo


    August 27, 2013 by Setheo

    In Digimon Adventure /first season in episode 53 (A new enemy appears) Ginnai said that there where digi knights before them there(4 iirc), now my question is who where those? When did they appear are there any episodes/mangas where it is shown?

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  • KimeramonRocks

    So, I'm just a Dodomon. Just a stupid Dodomon. I have nothing to do. I was supposed to Digivolve within an hour of leaving my egg but its been 2 days and i haven't digivolved. Ugh. Right now, I'm walking through the woods, muttering to my self, complaining about not being able to digivolve. This is one of those times where (If you knew about what was happening) you could make a right guess on what would happen. So i bet you're thinking that suddenly I just digivolve for some reason. To that, I say NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. So, I'm done complaining to you through the story. I just walk down to the beach, lay down a bit by the water, let the waves wet me a little. Suddenly, when a wave washed over me, i felt something hard collide with my sto…

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  • KimeramonRocks

    Digivolution Guide

    August 24, 2013 by KimeramonRocks

    (Coming Soon)

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  • KimeramonRocks


    August 23, 2013 by KimeramonRocks

    SilverKimeramon is my Dream Digimon. Kimeramon and Milleniummon are already awesome, but if SilverKimeramon was real, i would be so happy. (i know this post DOES suck)

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  • KimeramonRocks

    Digimon Aurity!

    August 23, 2013 by KimeramonRocks
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  • Dolores Carvalho

    Anita Sumushu

    August 6, 2013 by Dolores Carvalho
    |digivice=Pink Hot X Loader |age=15 |gender=Female |nationality=Japanese |occupation=Hunters |alias=

    }} Anita Sumushu is a character,she appeared in Digimon Xros Wars Story II and it is a crush on Taiki Kudou

    File:Blazemon.png File:Takemon.png File:Sparrowmon t.gif| File:Lunamon b.png| File:Dorumon b.jpg| File:Indramon t.gif| File:Pegasusmon t.gif| File:Nefertimon t.gif| File:Flamedramon t.gif| File:Ankylomon t.gif| File:Sheepmon b.jpg| File:Pillomon t.gif| File:Angewomon t.gif| File:Gigadramon t.gif| File:Cutemon t.gif| File:Mikemon b.jpg| File:BlackGatomon b.jpg| File:Kangarumon b.jpg| File:Angemon t.gif| File:LadyDevimon t.gif| File:Dobermon t.gif| File:Psychemon t.gif| File:Opossummon t.gif| File:Astamon t.gif| File:Yasyamon t.gif| File:…

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  • Dolores Carvalho

    Fan: Lightmon

    August 6, 2013 by Dolores Carvalho

    Lightmon is a angel dragon as Shoutmon in pink version,it is a special dragon and it is a light


    • Ball Light Explosion: Ball of light can explode on the opponent
    • Dragon Fire Punch: Appearance of fire over fist and can burn the opponent
    • Hyper Water Power: An attack can take energy on the opponent
    • Draft of Love: It is an attack that can heal wounds
    • Change Gender: Uses his hand touch on the opponent and it transforms into a male or female
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  • HagemaruBotakLicin


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  • Jhj1123

    Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Yay Yay Yay yay Digimon Adventure (Season 1) is now being reshown on Nictoons every weeknight at 8:00 and it's in Freakin HD!!!!!! It looks great and I bet this is supposed to be a countdown to the premier of Digimon Fusion! what I like to call "Digimon Power Rangers" because when I saw the picture of Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode I could have sworn I saw the same thing in a Power Rangers Episode LOL!!!!

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  • Tiagops

    Fan: My Junomon

    May 20, 2013 by Tiagops

    Hello everybody! I'm new here, and I would be posting a version of the goddess Hera / Juno that I did. I Really want a Junomon, Queen of Olympos XII like this, But I know that is a Dream.

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  • Dalek rex

    My Digimon Team

    May 17, 2013 by Dalek rex

    Terry's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Chapmon Rookie: Elecmon Champion: Tyrannomon Ultimate: Mastertyrannomon Mega: Dinorexmon

    Mike's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Bukamon Rookie: Betamon Champion: Seadramon Ultimate: MegaSeadramon Mega: MetalSeadramon

    Madison's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Yokomon Rookie: Kunemon Champion: Yanmamon Ultimate: Lillymon Mega: MarineAngemon

    Sam's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Missimon Rookie: Penguinmon Champion: Gesomon Ultimate: Scorpiomon Mega: Parasimon

    Andrew's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Tsunomon Rookie: Gabumon Champion: Drimogemon Ultimate: Giromon Mega: Craniamon

    Jake's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Tokomon Rookie: Patamon Champion: Wizardmon Ultimate: Piximon Mega: Jijimon

    Cole's Digimon Partner: Fresh…

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  • LunarSolar

    I have this Wikia that I want other members other than me to join in. So what can I do?

    If you want to see my Wikia click here

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  • JokerJay779

    I noticed this wiki has many fan Digimon.We really need to take these fan stuff off the wiki and push them to a Fanon Digimon Wiki.I am not saying completeley get rid of them I am just saying put them on a new wiki that contains Digimon fafics,fanart,and other fan creations.That way everybody is happy!

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  • Zudomon95

    Digimon Fun

    April 15, 2013 by Zudomon95

    So I just beat ChronomonDM early this morning (1:00 A.M.) on Digimon: Digimon World D.S. and I thought that once I became Tamer King that I would get scan data for a rare digimon. I haven't got any new scan data. :/ Can somebody please help me out?

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  • Bontilicious

    Maybe a brand new system computer operating like Windows 8 operating able to put all of you need to search, communicate, move, shopping and many more in the area around you with the capabilities of a tablet PC sophisticated. Anyway, Windows 8 also provides more than 45,000 applications in the form of a mixture of software that can be downloaded directly without cost.

    Gifted with a lots of advanced features that you can use or pleasure with a variety of work that can be done with this tablet. Luxurious design and angle of the schoolwide vigil Replete HD pass.1 performing with satisfactory results, ie intel atom that is able to quickly resolve any kind of job you start surfing the internet, set up HD video, transfer, multitasking or [create an…

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Biodramon, out of all of my Digimon designs I have ever done, is the one I truly believe resembles closest to what an official Bandai designed Digimon would look like, at least when compared to my other designs. As such, I've been having some thoughts regarding Biodramon, specifically the possibility of submitting Biodramon's design to Bandai. Honestly, while I'm recycling my other Digimon designs for other uses, Biodramon is the one I CAN'T recycle into something else, because all the slots for what would be Biodramon's place is taken up already by something else.

    So, with that in mind, I've always had plans that if B/C didn't end up happening, I'd at least try and pitch one of my own designs to Bandai somehow. After much thinking, Biodram…

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Well, it's been nearly 2 and half years of the existence of the designs for Brondramon and Cobaldramon, the very first Digimon I've designed at any point. Now, by default that means it's been the same amount of time since I came up with the idea for Bronze and Cobalt. Now then, it's been 2.5 years since the beginning of everything, now, what exact news do I have to say?

    B/C is never happening.

    Now, you must be wondering, WHY I'm ditching B/C essentially. Well, aside from rights issues and localizations, there exist a bit too many problems other than just that. For one having the voice actors appear again for one, both Japanese and English, and not to mention the 1,000+ Digimon designs is OVERKILL even when compared to Pokemon.

    Speaking of Pok…

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  • Zacax

    Digimon Comic Concept

    February 26, 2013 by Zacax

    Me and a good friend of mine are working on a fan digimon manga. I decided to use my blog to post concept and updates about said comic. So, here are two Super Ultimates.


    The Angel Digimon is Michemon, the other is PrometheanGreymon, which was made by my friend.

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  • Templermon

    growth power

    February 24, 2013 by Templermon

    Certain digimon have the power to grow and release a devastating attack that could beat most digimon.When digimon absorb data they grow big and release the attack of all the data they absorbed.In digimon02 Malomyotismon absorbed the data in the digiworld when he digidestined blasted him. Some digimon when they absorb too much data has their data destroyed and reconfigured to a digiegg. Though the digimon soon turn back to the form they were in the have to go through the stages of digivolution again to turn back to it. Most digimon that absorb the data are either evil or virus type digimon that have evil intentions.Thanks to the digidestined in 02 they blasted malomyotismon into the digiworld by mistake and he started absorbing data but was…

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  • Yokufire5

    help on swormon

    February 9, 2013 by Yokufire5

    hey not going to ask you alot but when you got the time could you help me with the fan swordmon you know those orange blocks with the level and stuff are in could you fix that when you got the time please thanks

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  • P3nathan

    I just had to post this (not my video by the way). All the warp digivolution sequences from the Digimon Adventure PSP game. So, for the first time, we have warp digivolution sequences for Vikemon, HKabuterimon, Rosemon, Hououmon,Ophanimon and Serpahimon. :D

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  • Sn1p3r187

    Okay this goes out to anyone who is a artist on deviantart. Do you think you could make a flash animation of Taichi playing SCP-087-B and getting the living s@#t scared out of him. Cuz this guy made a scary picture of Wendigomon and I said he was almost as scary as SCP-087-B. He said "Yeah SCP-087-B will always be scary to me", and since me and him got on to the subject about scary things I asked him about and he said he didn't know anyone for that. So I decided to ask you guys here on the wikia. My deviantart account name is Boomerang098. If you know anybody, could you get them to make a flash of Taichi playing 087-B? It would be a very personal favor and have them post it on deviantart. Thank you.

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  • Sn1p3r187

    If you've seen Digimon Savers 3D Calumon appeared in it. And made me think if there is a bit of a connection between Savers and Tamers. Also the guy that does the voice of Agumon in the english dub also did the voice of Takato Matsuda in Tamers. And they're like the only two series that kinda have a really dark plot/story. And besides that they're the only two series that have tamers as their main characters. If I could relate Tamers to Adventure it would be for the fact that Adventure is a tv show in the Tamers universe, and I commonly see it on minitokyo's page where they do Adventure and Tamers crossovers. Please tell me your opinions about if Tamers is more similar to Savers or Adventure? BTW I know they're in separate universes

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  • Viclnolan
    • Marcus Damon: Rodrigo Andreatto.
    • Agumon e evoluções: Yuri Chesman.
    • Thomas H. Norstein: Vágner Fagundes.
    • Gaomon e evoluções: Alexandre Marconato.
    • Yoshino Fujieda: Samira Fernandes.
    • Lalamon e evoluções: Fernanda Bullara.
    • Comandante Sampson: Marco Antonio Abreu.
    • Kudamon e evoluções: Marcelo Campos.
    • Miki: Suzy Pereira.
    • Megumi: Luciana Baroli.
    • Sarah Damon: Letícia Quinto.
    • Kristy Damon: Flora Paulita.
    • Keenan Crier: Pedro Alcântara.
    • Falcomon e evoluções: Cecília Lemes.
    • Piyomon e evoluções: Isabel de Sá.
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  • JBolbotowski1

    Mikey - , Shoutmon -

    Akari -

    Zenjirou -

    Baalmon, Beelzemon -

    Ballistamon -

    Dorulumon -

    Starmon - , Pickmons - and

    Jijimon -

    ChibiKamemon -

    Deputymon -

    Knightmon -

    Wisemon -

    Kiriha- Crispin Freeman, Greymon- Paul St Peter, MailBirdramon- Sam Riegal Deckerdramon- Kirk Thorton Dracomon- Brian Beacock

    Nene- Michele Ruff, Sparrowmon- Tifanie Christun, Mervamon- Tara Platt, Monimon, Monitamon- Yuu- Kate Higgins, Damemon, Tuwarmon- Yuri Lowenthal DarkKnightmon- Jamieson Price

    Archelomon - , Puppetmon - , Lunamon - , Spadamon - , Coronamon -

    Bagramon -

    MadLeomon -

    Neptunmon -

    AncientVolcamon -

    IceDevimon -

    Kongoumon -

    Tactimon- Lex Lang

    Lilithmon- Megan Hollingshead

    Blastmon- Kyle Hebert

    Dorbickmon -

    NeoMyotismon -

    Zamielmon -

    Splashmon -

    Olegmon -

    Gravimon -

    Apollomon - , W…

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  • VeemonDramontwo

    Someone edited this that was not me, i created the page, then next day, it says "fan" on the front of "Do digimon really exist". I was absent when this happen. How can i remove it?

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  • Jane75


    November 12, 2012 by Jane75

    This blog talks randomly about stuff in the Digimon series, mainly explanations for tiny details.

    Fractal Code.

    In my opinion, if the first four seasons are connected (in the order Frontier, Adventure, and 02 and Tamers at the same time) Digimon couldn't survive in the Real World when they still were made of fractal code, but after developnig further they can.

    Tamers Digimon don't get reborn

    I think they would if there was a place like Primary Village or Village of Beginnings. But they haveneither, so it's no wonder they can't be reborn.

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