Boltboutamon b
Title Demon Duke
(魔公爵 Ma Kōshaku?)[please confirm]
Malevolent Fist
(深怨なる手 Shin'en Naru Te?)[please confirm]
Level Mega
Type Demon Man
Attribute Virus
Debut Digimon World Next Order - International Edition (2017)
Prior forms Piedmon + Myotismon[1]

Boltboutamon is a Demon Lord type Digimon. The "Malevolent Fist", born from malice data forcefully absorbed Myotismon into Piedmon. It is the source of all evil.




Boltboutamon (ボルトバウタモン)

Name used in American English version of Digimon World -Next 0rder-.

  • Bolt.
  • Ita: Bauta. A type of mask traditionally worn at the Carnival of Venice.


Digimon World Next Order - International Edition

Boltboutamon appears in Digimon World Next Order - International Edition as a special DNA digivolution for Piedmon and Myotismon, unlocked by completing the special DLC scenario "The Malevolent Fist". He is classified as a special Mega in the western release.

Notes and references

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