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This article is about the "Bombmon" who debuts in Digimon Fusion. For the similarly named In-Training Digimon with the same katakana, see Bommon.

Bombmon is a Slime Digimon whose name and design are derived from the cherry bomb. It is a short-tempered Digimon that easily blows its top at trivial things. As it loses its temper, its topknot steadily shortens, and when the topknot has completely retracted into its head, its anger explodes. Although it has several Special Moves, all of them have the power of a firecracker. However, because of its vivid beauty, it is often enjoyed as a party entertainment. It is a nuisance for Bombmon that it is provoked even though it is at a party.[3]

Digimon Fusion

Main article: Bombmons (Fusion)


  • Bomberhead: Heaps shock-waves upon the opponent.
  • Fireworks Revolution: Scatters particles of various colors.

Notes and references

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