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Bousou Digimon Tokkyuu Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack for Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon.

Bousou Digimon Tokkyuu Original Soundtrack f

Front Cover

Bousou Digimon Tokkyuu Original Soundtrack b

Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-30063
Format CDA
Release Date July 7, 2002
Price ¥ 3,000

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. The Biggest Dreamer (Gekijou Size) Kouji Wada 1:31
2. EVO (Original Karaoke BDT Size) Original Karaoke 0:59
3. Locomon Bousou N/A 0:30
4. Norikomu Takato N/A 0:30
5. Kore Nara Rakuchin Daro N/A 0:22
6. Ichigaya Fukin N/A 1:09
7. Norikomu Ruki to Renamon N/A 0:49
8. SLASH!! (BDT Size) Oota Michiko 0:39
9. Beelzebumon Toujou N/A 0:24
10. Locomon Kinpaku N/A 1:13
11. Digimon Tamers no Theme (BDT Version) N/A 0:38
12. Yuuhi no Yakusoku (BDT Size) Fumiko Orikasa 1:27
13. Osoikakaru Ruki N/A 0:27
14. Digimon Tamers no Theme (BDT Version2) N/A 0:43
15. Oitsumerareta Takato N/A 1:00
16. Parasimon no Shoutai N/A 1:40
17. Locomon Shinka N/A 0:47
18. Renamon no Theme (BDT Version) N/A 0:33
19. One Vision (DUKEMON MATRIX EVOLUTION BDT Size) Takayoshi Tanimoto 1:29
20. Parasimon no Shinryaku N/A 0:40
21. One Vision (BDT Size) Takayoshi Tanimoto 0:59
22. Parasimon no Kougeki N/A 0:25
23. Kusen ga Tsuzuku N/A 0:40
24. Dukemon Crimson Mode N/A 0:42
25. Party N/A 0:32
26. Yuuhi no Yakusoku (Gekijou Size) Ai Maeda 1:44

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