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Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!
(Moeagare Tagiru! Eikou no Dejimon Hanto!)
Airdate (Ja:) March 25, 2012
Toei Animation

The truth is revealed and it is up to Tagiru and Arresterdramon to save both worlds. But will the power of the Brave Snatcher be enough to stop Quartzmon?


Though it seemed Ryouma Mogami had betrayed the Hunters, Astamon reveals that he is actually the Quartzmon and that he had been using him to collect the data of other Digimon. Arresterdramon quickly attacks Quartzmon (who is still in the form of Astamon) and Quartzmon is impressed at how fast Arresterdramon attacked him. Quartzmon then sheds his Astamon disguise and reveals his true form, telling the Hunters that he had brought Astamon to the DigiQuartz so he could control Ryouma and collect data on the Hunter's Digimon. Quartzmon then show off his collected data to the Hunters, and proceeds to his main body.

Quartzmon then starts to dig into the Earth, and begins to digitize it. The Old Clock Shop Man tells Clockmon to use his special ability to freeze time to prevent themselves from being digitized. The other Hunters lend their X Loaders and their Digimon also put power to lengthen Clockmon's Time Freeze. Mikey Kudo tosses his googles to Tagiru Akashi, after the latter is worried since Mikey and Shoutmon are still recovering from their wounds. Mikey gives Tagiru some inspiration, and so Tagiru, Arresterdramon and the other five Heros go to reclaim the Brave Snatcher.

As they prepare, the Heroes lend their power to Tagiru, but Tagiru is still unable to pull it up. Tai and Davis tell Tagiru that he still hasn't considered what it meant when Mikey gave him his goggles. Since time is running out, Tagiru decides to go down to grab it. The other five Heros are in shock and chase after him. After a while, Arresterdramon has the Brave Snatcher. The Old Clock Shop Man tells everyone to lower the power, and everyone except Tagiru and Arresterdramon are digitized into Quartzmon.

Tagiru and Arresterdramon chase after Quartzmon and end up inside of him. Quartzmon tells him that they are the only two left that haven't been digitized, and tells them to become one with him. They refuse, so Quartzmon attacks them, but the Brave Snatcher easily destroys his extensions. Arresterdramon lunges the Brave Snatcher at Quartzmon, but he simply reforms into a smaller version of his terminal form. As Arresterdramon is about to kill Quartzmon, he suddenly takes a data cube and puts Mikey's face in it, prompting Tagiru to stop, despite Mikey telling him to ignore it and defeat him.

Quartzmon then takes out more of his digitized Digimon/Humans and rapidly attacks Arresterdramon and Tagiru with it. Since Tagiru doesn't want to harm them (since Quartzmon says harming him would also harm them). Quartzmon takes advantage of this and sends them into his sea of data. Tagiru and Arresterdramon start to become digitized, while Quartzmon digitizes the rest of Earth.

Although they are being digitized, Tagiru and Arresterdramon wonder how they can defeat Quartzmon with the Brave Snatcher broken. They then realize they need to attack his roots, and the motivation allows Tagiru to digivolve Arresterdramon into Arresterdramon Superior Mode, which also repairs the Brave Snatcher. They then begin to go to Quartzmon's core to hunt him down. As Quartzmon is alerted by this, he decides to put the faces back onto the data cubes to prevent Tagiru from attacking. This doesn't work as the data cubes try to be independent of Quartzmon and move away so Arresterdramon can get into Quartzmon's core.

Quartzmon retaliates by throwing the data cubes onto Arresterdramon. By channeling the power of the five Heros, Tagiru and Arresterdramon break through the data cubes and into his core. The Brave Snatcher then impales Quartzmon, killing him. In a space between the Real and Digital World, Tagiru holds onto Quartzmon's Digi-Egg, and Gumdramon also looks at it. Shoutmon then appears from the shadows and takes the egg from Tagiru for safekeeping. Everyone else then appears to thank Tagiru for saving the world, including the Digimon.

As Gumdramon and Tagiru shake hands, suddenly gusts of wind begin to blow on them. The Old Clock Shop Man tells everyone that since DigiQuartz has been destroyed, the two worlds are beginning to revert back to normal. The Heros who leapt through time will be sent back to their own universes, and Digimon and Humans in this universe begin to get sent back to their respective worlds. Gumdramon and Tagiru are then separated, but promise that they will see each other one day.

Meanwhile a month after Quartzmon's defeat, Mikey and Ewan notice that after the separation, Tagiru is becoming less active in their games. Suddenly, something moves in the distance, and Tagiru seems to recognize it and begins to pursue it. The Old Clock Shop Man then approaches Mikey and Ewan, telling them that the Digi-Egg is safe in the Digital World. Mikey then wonders if the Old Clock Shop Man is actually Bagramon, since he doesn't know anyone else who can make X Loaders and accumulate power through space and time. The Old Clock Shop Man confirms this, and that he wanted to protect the world he tried to conquer, but he simply jokes at that, telling them he's just a simple old clock shop man. He then wishes to see his younger brother.

Bagramon then warns the two that there are still lost Digimon in the Real World. Clockmon then drags him away, surprising Ewan, since Clockmon was sent back to the Digital World during the separation. Suddenly, arguing can be heard at the distance, and the two find Tagiru and Gumdramon arguing at each other. The group then begins to go hunt Digimon. -->

Featured characters


6-79 Analyzer-01 JP


Digimon Introduction Corner

Type: Unidentified
Special Moves
Gyuputo Ryūshi Hou
Ruin Blast
Clockmon: "Quartzmon. A super giant that has its main human-shaped body at the very top of a dark sphere."
Old Clock Shop Man: "It amplifies its power by continuously absorbing the world's data."
Tagiru: "DigiXros with Jokermon. Digixros!"
Gumdramon: "Oh dear we can't see his main body anymore."
Astamon: "That's me right here."
Gumdramon: "You?!"


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Arresterdramon 1 Arresterdramon Superior Mode 2 XrosUpArresterdramon Superior Mode 4 Gumdramon
Arresterdramon t Arrow R Blue.png 6-76 Analyzer-06 JP Arrow R.png 6-79 Brave Snatcher Arrow RR Red.png Gumdramon t
(w/ Brave Snatcher)
OmniShoutmon 5 Shoutmon
OmniShoutmon t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon t
ZekeGreymon 6 MetalGreymon
ZekeGreymon t Arrow R Red.png MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t
JetMervamon 7 Mervamon
JetMervamon t Arrow R Red.png Mervamon t
+ Sparrowmon
JetMervamon 7 Sparrowmon
JetMervamon t Arrow R Red.png Sparrowmon t
+ Mervamon
ShineGreymon 8 Agumon
ShineGreymon t Arrow RR Red.png Agumon (2006 anime) t
Gallantmon 10 Guilmon
Gallantmon t Arrow RR Red.png Guilmon t
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode 11 Veemon
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode t Arrow RR Red.png Veemon t
Omnimon 12 Agumon
Omnimon t Arrow RR Red.png Agumon t
Yasyamon 13 Dracmon
Yasyamon t Arrow R Red.png Dracmon t
Cho Hakkaimon 14 Opossummon
Cho Hakkaimon t Arrow R Red.png Opossummon t
Tuwarmon 15 Damemon
Tuwarmon t Arrow R Red.png Damemon t


"A hero needs goggles."

—According to Mikey, Marcus must not be a hero.

Other notes

Continuity errors

  • GigaBreakdramon appears to be calm despite no one holding on his levers, and despite going on a rampage everytime no one is holding them.

Digimon references

  • Near the end of the episode there are two references to "We, The Digimon Hunters!"; Mikey again says it's been some time after a major battle, and Gumdramon is silhouetted out.

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