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Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!
(Moeagare Tagiru! Eikou no Dejimon Hanto!)
Airdate (Ja:) March 25, 2012
Toei Animation

The truth is revealed and it is up to Tagiru and Arresterdramon to save both worlds. But will the power of the Brave Snatcher be enough to stop Quartzmon?


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Hybrid Xros


6-79 Analyzer-01 JP


Digimon Introduction Corner

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Quartzmon 1

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Quartzmon 2

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Quartzmon 3

Type: Unidentified
Special Moves
Gyuputo Ryūshi Hou
Ruin Blast
Clockmon: "Quartzmon. A super giant that has its main human-shaped body at the very top of a dark sphere."
Old Clock Shop Man: "It amplifies its power by continuously absorbing the world's data."
Tagiru: "DigiXros with Jokermon. Digixros!"
Gumdramon: "Oh dear we can't see his main body anymore."
Astamon: "That's me right here."
Gumdramon: "You?!"


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Arresterdramon 1 Arresterdramon Superior Mode 2 XrosUpArresterdramon Superior Mode 4 Gumdramon
Arresterdramon t Arrow R Blue.png 6-76 Analyzer-06 JP Arrow R.png 6-79 Brave Snatcher Arrow RR Red.png Gumdramon t
(w/ Brave Snatcher)
OmniShoutmon 5 Shoutmon
OmniShoutmon t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon t
ZekeGreymon 6 MetalGreymon
ZekeGreymon t Arrow R Red.png MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t
JetMervamon 7 Mervamon
JetMervamon t Arrow R Red.png Mervamon t
+ Sparrowmon
JetMervamon 7 Sparrowmon
JetMervamon t Arrow R Red.png Sparrowmon t
+ Mervamon
ShineGreymon 8 Agumon
ShineGreymon t Arrow RR Red.png Agumon (2006 anime) t
Gallantmon 10 Guilmon
Gallantmon t Arrow RR Red.png Guilmon t
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode 11 Veemon
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode t Arrow RR Red.png Veemon t
Omnimon 12 Agumon
Omnimon t Arrow RR Red.png Agumon t
Yasyamon 13 Dracmon
Yasyamon t Arrow R Red.png Dracmon t
Cho Hakkaimon 14 Opossummon
Cho Hakkaimon t Arrow R Red.png Opossummon t
Tuwarmon 15 Damemon
Tuwarmon t Arrow R Red.png Damemon t


"A hero needs goggles."

—According to Mikey, Marcus must not be a hero.

Other notes

Continuity errors

  • GigaBreakdramon appears to be calm despite no one holding on his levers, and despite going on a rampage everytime no one is holding them.

Digimon references

  • Near the end of the episode there are two references to "We, The Digimon Hunters!"; Mikey again says it's been some time after a major battle, and Gumdramon is silhouetted out.