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CaptainHookmon is a Sea Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from the fictional Captain Hook. It is a heroic ship's captain Digimon that is relied upon to exert its leadership from a pirate ship that cruises the Digital World. It excels in the art of survival, but the duty to support its subordinates weighs heavily on it, and it knows firsthand just how difficult that is. Therefore, it not only crosses the ocean with gentlemanly conduct before weak opponents, and so forth, but is also skillful at making its way through the world. It isn't brutal enough to challenge one to an unreasonable battle, but if challenged to a battle it will meet the enemy with all its power. The "Rage Giga Anchor" is equipped to its hand, and the "Leg Revolver" is fitted to its right leg.[2]


  • Rage Giga Anchor: Expresses its intimidating air to its opponents just by holding up the Rage Giga Anchor.
  • Pirate's Punisher: Attacks with violent fighting styles that make free use of the Pirate's Punisher's steady-attack and gunfire functions.
  • Leg Revolver: Attacks with the Leg Revolver, which is suited for surprise attacks, but takes it upon itself to fire off a warning first.

Notes and references

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