DIGIMODIFY! Apokarimon (Creepy Mode), activate!

For information on Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) in other parts of the Digimon franchise, please go to Apokarimon (Creepy Mode).

American cards


Bo-290: Apokarimon (Creepy Mode)
Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) Bo-290 (DB)
Send 2 Virus and 2 Vaccine Digimons from your hand to Offline to place Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) on Duel Zone.
Level Battle Type Attribute
Mega Yellow Unidentified
Family Type Special Ability
Dark Area Unidentified
Red Power Green Power Yellow Power
Darkness Zone
Big Bang
100, 100, 100, 100
Special Effect
Void opponent's special effects and any Power Option cards. Score an additional 200 points when you win the Duel.


Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) has not appeared on any Japanese cards.

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