DIGIMODIFY! Chaosmon, activate!

For information on Chaosmon in other parts of the Digimon franchise, please go to Chaosmon.

Japanese cards


Bo-1212: Khaosmon
Khaosmon Bo-1212 (DM)

Vividness! Transcending good and evil, the Knight of Chaos!!
Darkdramon + BantyoLiomon
Mercurymon + Mega Digimon
Send to the Dark Area at the end of the next turn after evolution.
Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Mega Red Vaccine
Type Family Group
Unique Unknown
A Power B Power C Power
Dark Prominence
Lost Point
50, 50, 40, 40
Special Effect
It cannot lose "Special Abilities".
It cannot be affected by "Worm" category.
Special Ability
Look through opponent's hand and send all Red-Frame "Mega" Digimon to the Dark Area.


Notes: This card was re-released. The re-release comes in both gold and red foil versions.

The additional text on the re-released card reads "Chaos" (混沌 Konton?).




In Japanese materials, Chaosmon is known as Khaosmon.

Chaosmon has not appeared on any American cards.

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