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Bo-23t: Inflation Space!!
Inflation Space!! Bo-23t (DM)
Battle Phase
Send 1 Digimon card from your hand to the Dark Area.
Category Capacity ID
+30 DC sa-489

Notes: Though the card name is "Bouchousuru Uchuu!!" (膨張する宇宙!!?), it has the furigana "Inflation Space!!" (インフレーション・スペース!! Infurēshon Supēsu!!?).


Inflation Space!! 3-10 (DTa)

Inflation Space!! in Digimon Tamers

In Digimon Tamers, Henry Wong uses this card to try to free Terriermon from IceDevimon's ice. He names it "Expansion" in English but uses the "Bouchousuru Uchuu!!" pronunciation rather than the "Inflation Space!!" furigana pronunciation in the Japanese version. The depicted card lacks the "Inflation Space!!" furigana that the printed card has. The Icemon Cometh