DIGIMODIFY! Raijinmon, activate!

For information on Raijinmon in other parts of the Digimon franchise, please go to Raijinmon.

Japanese cards


Bo-811: Raijinmon
Raijinmon Bo-811 (DM)

Cleaving clouds and wearing lightning, the ultimate commander of thunderclaps!
Cyberdramon + 60% Winning Percentage!
Nanomon + 60% Winning Percentage!
Andromon + 60% Winning Percentage!
Rapidmon (Ultimate) + 60% Winning Percentage!
Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Mega Yellow Virus DC yu-515
Type Family Group
Cyborg Metal Empire
A Power B Power C Power
Blitz Arm
Lost Point
40, 30, 20, 10
Special Ability
When you discard a Justimon card from your hand, the Attack Power is +400 (maximum of 1 card. In the case that "Trinity Arm" is on the discarded card, the Attack Power modification becomes +800.)


This card digivolves to:

Raijinmon has not appeared on any American cards.

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