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Catherine (カトリーヌ Katorīnu?) is a Numemon, and Lili's Partner.


Catherine (カトリーヌ)
  • Fr: Catherine. A female French name.


Other Forms


Sukamon b


Monzaemon b

Monzaemon is Catherine's Ultimate form.


Laylamon (Re-Digitize) b

Laylamon is Catherine's Mega form. After Veevee and Taiga's Digimon defeat and kill the Laylamon of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Laylamon's DigiCore is retrieved by Lili who use it on Catherine to make the Numemon evolve into this form. Laylamon is unable to get along with Sebastian's Seraphimon, but remains as Lili's partner nonetheless.


  • Phantom Pain: Rots the opponent's body with a sigh of darkness, causing their data to dissipate from the tips of their bodies, and to suffer pain even in death.

Notes and References

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