Cerberumon Werewolf Mode
(ケルベロモン人狼モード Cerberumon Jinrou Mode)
Cerberumon Werewolf Mode b
Level Ultimate
Debut Digimon Crusader,
"The Stirring of Light and Darkness" [25]
Next forms Plutomon[1]
Slide forms Cerberumon[1]

Cerberumon Werewolf Mode is an Ultimate-level Digimon. It is a mutant form of the "Watchdog of Hell", Cerberumon, that inhabits the Dark Area.[3]


  • Hellfire


Cerberumon Werewolf Mode is a bipedal version of Cerberumon, taking cues from the werewolf, which is a wolf-human hybrid. The heads that were previously on its shoulders are now its hands, equipped with cannons in their mouths. It also now has a humanoid face under its mask.


Cerberumon Jinrou Mode (ケルベロモン人狼モード)

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Heroes!. Base name shares official romanization with Cerberumon.

Cerberumon Werewolf Mode

Name used in the English version of Digimon Heroes!.


Digimon Heroes!

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