(カオスドラモン Chaosdramon)
Chaosdromon b
Title Crimson Steel Dragon
(深紅の鋼鉄竜 Shinku no Kōtetsu Ryū?)
Level Mega[1]
Type Machine
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Machinedramon[2]
Next forms Apocalymon[2]
Partners Immortal Brave
Cards (Ja:) St-807, St-957, BR-1, Dα-548
(En:) DM-200

Chaosdromon is a Machine Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Chaos Dramon" and "Droid". It is said that Machinedramon, who was built by combining the parts of many Cyborg-species Digimon, demonstrated abilities beyond imagination, and that the experiment succeeded. Adding enhancements to further improve that Machinedramon made it Chaosdromon, who possesses a deep crimson Metal Body. Its body, which is made of "Red Digizoid" that was repurified from the virtual super-metal Chrome Digizoid and increased just its hardness, deflects every attack and destroys everything. Also, the version of the program that was set in its DigiCore automatically performs improvements to make it even more destructive. Chaosdromon is also the Digimon that the leader of the Crack Team primarily employs as its agent.[4]

Digimon Fusion

Chaosdromon is the subject of an episode's Digimon Data Collection. When Worlds Collide

Digimon Next

Main article: Chaosdromon (Next)

Digimon Masters

Chaosdromon is a Burst Mode-level Mercenary Digimon. Chaosdramon digivolves from Machinedramon, once the "Hyper Cannon" has been applied to it.


  • Hyper Attack (Hyper ∞ Cannon): Fires a superdreadnought-class energy wave from its two artillery cannons.
  • Destroyed Hook (Destroyed Harken): Shoots an organic missile from its right hand, that injects a virus on the victim, making them melt.
  • Chaos Crusher

Chaosdramon X

Chaosdramon X
(カオスドラモンX抗体 Chaosdramon X-Antibody)
Chaosdramon X b
Level Mega
Type Machine
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Cards (Ja:) Bx-119
(En:) DM-249

Chaosdramon X is a Machine Digimon and carrier of the X Antibody whose name and design are derived from "Chaos Dramon".


  • Hyper Mugen Cannon (ハイパームゲンキャノン? lit "Hyper Infinity Cannon"): Fires energy waves from its two cannons.
  • Genocide Attack
  • Chaos Crusher

Notes and references

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