Charismon t
Appears in:Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
First appearance "High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!" [33]
Last appearance "Miraculous Final Evolution! The God Appmon Descend! [49] (Appearance)
"Extreme Battle! Globemon Vs Charismon" [41] (Voice)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Yuichi Nakamura
Partner(s):Haru Shinkai (manga and anime)
Knight Unryuji (anime)
App Fusion Partner (+ Globemon)

Charismon is one of the Ultimate 4 in the anime, and of Haru Shinkai's Appmon in the manga.


Main article: Charismon#Design


In the anime, Charismon believes Leviathan's goal will create an ideal world, and claims Minerva is jealous of Leviathan's progress. Attack! Ultimate Appmon—The Ultimate 4!

8-39 Charismon's drone

Charismon's drone.

Charismon has a drone similar to the eyes in his armor, and can use it to secretly watch opponents from a distance. A New Power! Appli Drive DUO!



Charismon is one of the Ultimate 4 gathered by Leviathan. High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!


Haru Shinkai app fuses some of his Appmon into Charismon. Cage!!

Other Forms

App Fusions

Notes and references

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