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Chibitortomon is a member of the Fusion Fighters in Digimon Fusion. He is a young Kamemon.


Chibitortomon resembles a miniature Kamemon.


Chibitortomon is a native of the Island Zone. He was in awe of the Fusion Fighters team. Island Zone in Chaos! and even went as far as getting the DigiCards while the others were busy defeating Ebidramon. Thanks for the DigiCards! With Shoutmon's backing, Chibitortomon helped to protect the Island Zone and officially joined Fusion Fighters. Crisis or Conquest

Danger Erupts!

In the Lake Zone, he saves Mikey, who loses his breath after saving Knightmon under the water, from drowning. The Rival Champions!

In the Sand Zone, along with the rest of the team, he helps to fight the Bagra Army. Some of his energy was soon drained by HiMachineDramon. Soon after, he returned into the Fusion Loader to rest. Showdown in the Sand Zone

Lost in Digital Space


  • Armored Arrow (Pointer Arrow): Fires an arrow-shaped missile that he is able to guide until it hits the opponent.
  • Torto-Tackle ('met Tackle): Rolls the ball in his abdomen to charge the opponent, then assaults them with the helmet on his head.
  • Koura Guard (コーラガード Kōra Gādo?, lit. "Shell Guard"): Stores his whole body in his shell and reflects the opponent's attacks back unchanged.

Other Forms


Other appearances

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Notes and references

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