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Chikurimon is a Mine Digimon whose name is derived from the onomatopoeia for prickliness (チクリチクリ Chikurichikuri?), and whose design is derived from the naval mine. It that lurks underwater or under the shade of rocks, and doesn't move around very much while it waits quietly in one place. Although it has a habit of attacking those that come near, it is never belligerent and won't attack those that stay away from it. Because it proliferates abnormally when the temperature exceeds 30°C, Chikurimon can often be seen thickly crowded into lakes or around rocks with the coming of summer, and Digimon that come to drink water are often attacked.[2]

Digimon FusionEdit


  • Final Chikurimon: Sacrifices itself just as the name suggests, exploding itself together with the opponent.
  • Kompeitō Hammer

Notes and referencesEdit

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