Chronomon DM
(クロノモンDM (デストロイモード) Chronomon Destroy Mode)
Chronomon DM b
Level Ultra
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Debut Digimon World DS
Slide forms Chronomon Holy Mode[1]

Chronomon DM is an Ultra-level Digimon.


  • Dreadful Night (Dread Night): Unleashes nightmares on one zone, draining life.
  • Holy Flare: Annihilates one zone with a pillar of light.
  • Vanishing Touch (Dark Vanish): Devastates three zones with dark energy.
  • Avenger (Cool Avenger): Increases own speed.
  • Sacred Game (Pray of God): Prays to heal one zone with sacred light.
  • Power Sucker (Power Sink): Uses dark power to decrease attack in one zone.
  • Gusty Blade (Wind Blade): Slices one zone with a wind blade.
  • Ghoulish Bind (Ghoul Bind): Binds one zone with dark power, inflicting Paralyze.
  • Corona: Immolates all zones in fire.
  • Finger Bomb: Launches a bomb into one zone.
  • Venom Ball (Poison Hole): Sends poison into one zone, inflicting Poison.



Chronomon Destroy Mode (クロノモンDM (デストロイモード))

Name used in Digimon World DS with furigana given by Digimon Story - Super Evolution! Super Route Guide. No official romanization available. The American English release of Digimon World DS only uses the shortened "Chronomon DM" form.


Digimon World DS

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Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

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