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(クレニアムモン Craniummon)
Craniamon b
Level Mega[1]
Type Holy Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms HiAndromon[2]
Voice actors (Ja:) Hiroshi Kamiya
(En:) Henry Dittman

Craniamon is a Holy Knight Digimon whose names are derived from "cranium" or "cranial", and whose design is derived from the mythological Dullahan. One of the "Royal Knights", it is the one that best understands decorum. It is a perfectionist, and competes with the other Royal Knights for the top two mission completion rates for Yggdrasill's orders. When fighting with an opponent, its policy is always to defeat it with one-on-one combat, and if the opponent is a formidable enemy, its delight is supreme. Craniamon's armor had its code modified by Yggdrasill, and was changed into Black Digizoid. It has become possible for it to generate its "Duo Solar Spear" (Claíomh Solais) and "Omni Shield" (Avalon) from its armor by accessing its data.[3]

Digimon Data Squad

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

Craniamon digivolves from Knightmon. In order to digivolve, Knightmon must be at least level 45 with 200 Defense and 100% Friendship. In addition, Craniamon must have been both revived and befriended.

Digimon Masters

Craniamon is a Burst Mode-level Mercenary Digimon. Craniamon digivolves from HiAndromon, once the "Duo Solar Spear" has been applied to it.


  • Shock Ringer (End Waltz): Fires a sonic wave at supersonic speeds by rotating the Duo Solar Spear at high speeds, causing the opponent to "Dance" until their data is pulverized by the shock wave.
  • Power of Breath (God Breath): Uses the Omni Shield to defend in every direction with an impregnable wall, allowing it to negate any attack for just three seconds.
  • Claíomh Solais

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