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Cute Beat Club is soundtrack from Digimon Adventure. This is actually more of a multimedia disc. Asides from the music, it also has images and information on it.

Cute beat club

CD Data

Catalog Number NECT-00001
Format CDA
Release Date December 10, 1999
Price ¥ 3,000

Track list

# Title Artist Length
1 Butter-Fly Kouji Wada 4:16
2 brave heart Miyazaki Ayumi 4:12
3 I wish Ai Maeda 4:04
4 Seven Kouji Wada 4:16
5 Itsu demo Aeru kara Ai Maeda 4:33
6 Shinka de Guts! Digimon Shinkers 5:13
7 Adventurer~Taichi no Theme~ N/A 2:39
8 Straight From The Heart~Sora no Theme~ N/A 1:48
9 Run With The Wind~Yamato no Theme~ N/A 1:39
10 Digital Scratch!~Koushirou no Theme~ N/A 1:32
11 Sweet Innocent~Mimi no Theme~ N/A 1:22
12 Blue Faith~Jou no Theme~ N/A 1:12
13 Little Brightness~Takeru no Theme~ N/A 1:27
14 Shouri~Zen no Theme~ N/A 1:28

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