The D-Brigade (D-ブリガード D-Burigādo?) is a mechanized brigade consisting of Dragon-type Cyborg Digimon, and is a special force that is dispatched on missions that are never made public. Its main infantry is composed of Commandramon,[1] but those who pass the "Selection-D" test, the top 1%, are selected to become the Sealsdramon used for assassinating "Targets".[2] Tankdramon, who specialize in group "Target" extermination, are used for riot-suppression and assault-extermination,[3] and the sole Tankdramon to have been shot down during a sortie is believed to have been retrieved from its failed operation to eliminate "Codename: BAN-TYO" and brought back to a D-Brigade research facility, where it digivolved into what became the D-Brigade's weapon of last resort, Darkdramon, before escaping.[4]


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