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What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?

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V-Tamer 01
ch 10
List of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 chapters 10
DEEP SAVER (ディープセイバー)の巻
(Dīpu Seibā No Maki)
Publisher Shueisha
Release date (Ja:) August 21, 1999
Written by Hiroshi Izawa
Art Ten'ya Yabuno

In the ocean, Taichi and Zero encounter Lord Marine, who proves to be too fast for them. Using the newly acquired Digivice to mentally pass on orders, Taichi and Zero have no luck in making a strike. After Gon saves Zero's life, Zero manages to defeat Lord Marine knowing one attack would be enough. After Gon digivolves to Ikkakumon, Taichi acquires the Tag of Sea.

Featured Characters

(Number indicates order of appearence.)


Gomamon 1 Ikkakumon
Gomamon b Arrow R.png Ikkakumon b


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Other Notes

Miscellaneous trivia

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