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This article is about the Damemon introduced in C'mon Digimon. For the Digimon introduced in Digimon Xros Wars also known as Damemon, see Damemon.

Damemon is a Rookie Digimon. It is a glitch Digimon who is unable to digivolve.[2]


  • Spinning Tail Cyclone: Rapidly spins tail to propel into an enemy.


Damemon appears to be based on a combination of the early designs for Koromon and Agumon, with Koromon's head atop Agumon's stubby body.


Damemon (ダメモン)

Name used in C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUN. No official romanization available.

  • (Ja:) Dame! (ダメ!? lit. "No good!").


C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUNEdit

Main article: Bun

According to Shin'ichirou Jōsaki, about one in every hundred thousand Docks has a Damemon.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Damemon's Rookie level is derived from process of elimination in C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUN. It is explicitly below Champion level, but it is above In-Training due to being battle capable.
  2. C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUN

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