The Dark Whirlpool is a massive vortex within the Net Ocean which appears in Digimon Adventure.


Digimon Adventure 02

The Dark Whirlpool was created by the presence of the evil Devimon, having revived from his prior defeat. The vortex is believed to be an opening to the World of Darkness, and is pervaded by an evil presence that all nearby Digimon can feel. Within the whirlpool, wraith-like apparitions meander through the air.

The whirlpool is sought by the Digimon Emperor so that he can use the Digimon within as an ingredient for his ultimate Digimon, Kimeramon. The Emperor brings his flying fortress into the whirlpool, but is pursued by T.K., Pegasusmon, and Tentomon. Once he locates the evil presence within the whirlpool, the Emperor sends a squad of Mekanorimon after it, but they are sucked into the vortex. Next, he himself investigates while flying in another Mekanorimon, and finds Devimon. Devimon chillingly warns the Emperor to beware the darkness, but he scoffs and harvests Devimon's data, incorporating it into Kimeramon. An Old Enemy Returns