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This article is about the Digimon named "Datamon" in English materials and "Nanomon" in Japanese materials. For the Digimon species known as "Nanomon" in Digimon Xros Wars materials, see Nanomon (Super Digica Taisen).

Datamon is Machine Digimon. It is an ultra-small therapeutic Machine Digimon. It was once a Vaccine Digimon used to restore crashed computers, but it was attacked by a strong Virus Digimon, which destroyed its logic circuits and, of course, made it run wild. It re-constructs the data selfishly, even with normally-running computers. Despite its small stature, Datamon can easily delete bigger and stronger Digimon.[5]


  • Digital Bomb[please confirm] (Plug Bomb): Fires several computer viruses from his fingers, which can delete enemies.
  • Data Crusher (Nano Crush)



Nanomon (ナノモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese materials.


Name used in American English materials.

  • En: Data.


Digimon Adventure

Main article: Datamon (Adventure)

Digimon Frontier

Main article: Datamon (Frontier)

A trio of other Datamon are seen in the employ of Mercurymon and Ranamon, attempting to remove the Spirits from the D-Tectors when they capture Tommy Himi, Zoe Orimoto and J.P. Shibayama. When Agunimon and Lobomon free them, the Datamon quickly make themselves scarce. Sockit Takuya

Digimon Fusion

Main article: Datamon (Fusion)

Digimon Next

Main article: Datamon (Next)

Digimon World 2

Datamon digivolves from Guardromon. He is Machine specialty and his special attack is Digital Bomb.

Digimon World 3

Datamon is a boss found in Asuka's Sewers, in the Control Room. After he's defeated, he gives you Rusty Glove. He is also available as a Brown Ultimate Card with 28/22.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Datamon is #221, and is an Ultimate-level, MPtype-class, Machine-species Digimon with a resistance to the Steel element and weakness to the Water element. Its basic stats are 205 HP, 244 MP, 109 Attack, 116 Defense, 105 Spirit, 109 Speed, and 50 Aptitude. It possesses the Sniper 3, Economizer, and Ether Eddy4 traits.

It dwells in the Chaos Brain.

Datamon digivolves from Raremon and can digivolve to Parasimon. In order to digivolve or degenerate to Datamon, your Digimon must be at least level 35, with 4400 Machine experience and 165 attack.

Datamon can also DNA digivolve from BomberNanimon and Thundermon, if the base Digimon is at least level 29, with 3300 Machine experience. Datamon can DNA digivolve to Pharaohmon with Kongoumon.

Notes and references

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