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Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!
(Kiriha ni Sasayaku! Kyoukoku no Doshin Shougun, Ma no Sasoi)
"Whispering to Kiriha! The Earth-god General of the Canyon, A Demonic Temptation"
Airdate (Ja:) June 26, 2011
(En:) July 5, 2015
Toei Animation


The Fusion Fighters United Army arrives in Canyon Land and immediately has the Monitamons spy on the Dark General, Gravimon the Earth Spirit. Behind a massive wall guarding his base, they see the massive forces he has arrayed at them just as Gravimon gives an inspiring speech. That night, the group debates their plan of action. Nene advocates infiltration, but Christopher shoots that plan down as too obvious given its use before. Christopher decides to take the lead, coming up with a plan of action. By using the others as bait to draw out the the bulk of Gravimon's forces, Christopher intends to strike directly at Gravimon, and though the others object, Mikey decides to allow it.

The next day, the battle in joined. Nene takes to the air to draw out the aerial Hippogriffomons, while the speedy members tangle with the Cerberusmons. Christopher uses the opportunity to thin the forces, regardless of the damage he inflicts on his allies at the same time. Though Christopher sent Mikey and the strong members of the army to face the Endigomons, Mikey does not do what he expected, stealth and confusion in a forest area to prolong the engagement rather than fighting directly. Christopher ruins these plans with aerial bombardment, taking out some Endigomon while also removing the cover Mikey depended on. His actions destabilize the ground, requiring Dorulumon to save him by forming Shoutmon X4.

Christopher makes it past Gravimon's defensive wall before it can close, taking out his Anubismon honor guards. He feints an attack which Gravimon responds to, allowing Cyberdramon to immobilize him. Christopher digivolves MetalGreymon to ZekeGreymon to strike the final blow. Just as Mikey rushes up, however, Gravimon laughs and reveals that everything has gone according to his plan. The troops that Christopher hurt the others to defeat were only a small fraction, and Gravimon's true forces lay in wait, which he gleefully reveals. Despite the overwhelming disadvantage, Christopher refuses to retreat, but Gravimon easily defeats ZekeGreymon. It is only JetMervamon's timely intervention and Mikey's plan that enables escape, though Gravimon captures Christopher.

During the battle, Gravimon noticed the darkness Christopher held inside. After being captured, Christopher dreams of his father abandoning him due to his weakness. Gravimon takes Christopher's necklace, which holds a picture of his family. He tells Christopher that Lord Bagra summoned him to the Digital World to act his champion but no longer sees the need because of how weak he is. He further drives in the wedge by saying that the only true threat to the Bagra Empire is Mikey and that Christopher is not important in the grand scheme of things. Angry and unbalanced, Christopher asks what he can do to get stronger, and Gravimon tells him to defeat Mikey. The next day, Christopher sets to work on that plan, attacking his former allies.

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonists, and italicized characters appear only as a voice or silhouette.)

Humans Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Xros


Digimon Data Collection


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Mervamon 1 JetMervamon
Mervamon t Arrow R.png JetMervamon t
(w/ Sparrowmon)
Sparrowmon 1 JetMervamon
Sparrowmon t Arrow R.png JetMervamon t
(w/ Sparrowmon)
Shoutmon 3 Shoutmon X4 12 Shoutmon
Shoutmon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X4 t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon t
+ Ballistamon, Dorulumon,
Starmon, Pickmons
Ballistamon 3 Shoutmon X4 12 Ballistamon
Ballistamon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X4 t Arrow R Red.png Ballistamon t
+ Shoutmon, Dorulumon,
Starmon, Pickmons
Dorulumon 3 Shoutmon X4 12 Dorulumon
Dorulumon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X4 t Arrow R Red.png Dorulumon t
+ Shoutmon, Ballistamon,
Starmon, Pickmons
Starmon 3 Shoutmon X4 12 Starmon
Starmon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X4 t Arrow R Red.png Starmon (2010 anime) t
+ Shoutmon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Pickmons
Silver Pickmons 3 Shoutmon X4 12 Silver Pickmons
Pickmon (Silver) t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X4 t Arrow R Red.png Pickmon (Silver) t
+ Shoutmon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Starmon
MetalGreymon 8 Greymon 9 MetalGreymon 11 ZekeGreymon 13 Greymon 14 MetalGreymon
MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t Arrow R Red.png Greymon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png ZekeGreymon t Arrow RR Red.png Greymon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t
+ MailBirdramon (w/ MailBirdramon) + MailBirdramon (w/ MailBirdramon)
MetalGreymon 8 MailBirdramon 9 MetalGreymon 11 ZekeGreymon 13 MailBirdramon 14 MetalGreymon
MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t Arrow R Red.png MailBirdramon t Arrow R.png MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png ZekeGreymon t Arrow RR Red.png MailBirdramon t Arrow R.png MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t
+ Greymon (w/ Greymon) + Greymon (w/ Greymon


"Two hundred Hippogriffomon who can fly...three hundred Cerberumon, the guardians of the gates of Hell...five hundred Wendimon, whose destructive power is well above average...and the Anubimon bodyguards will all have to be dealt with before we can reach this country's Death General, Gravimon the Earth-god."

Kiriha reviews how much trouble the heroes are in...before Gravimon reveals that the situation is oh, so much worse.

Other notes

Digimon references

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