Delicious? Disgusting? The Digimon Ramen Contest!

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What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?

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List of Digimon Fusion episodes 66
Delicious? Disgusting? The Digimon Ramen Contest!
(Oishī? Mazui? Dejimon Rāmen Shōbu!)
Airdate (Ja:) December 18, 2011
Toei Animation


Featured characters


6-66 Analyzer-01 JP

Fugamon Orgemon

6-66 Analyzer-02 JP



(Number indicates order of occurrence.) (Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Gumdramon 1 Arresterdramon 2 Gumdramon
Gumdramon t Arrow R.png Arresterdramon t Arrow R Red.png Gumdramon t

Digimon Introduction Center

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Ogremon 1

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Ogremon 2

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Ogremon 3

Type: Man
Special Moves
Fist of the High King
Clockmon: "Ogremon! A Digimon who looks like a demon and is very antagonistic."
Old Clock Shop Man: "The bone club that he endlessly swings around with his sinewy muscles makes very powerful impacts."
Ewan: "DigiXros with Mervamon! DigiXros!"
Ogremon + Mervamon: "Ahem, Sexy Dynamite!"


Fugamon: "Oh my god! The noodles are amazing but the soup tastes horrible!"
Ogremon: "Fu my god!" So is yours! It's spicy, that's all there is!"

—Fugamon and Ogremon after trying each other's ramen.

Other notes

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Ogremon and Fugamon's lines after eating each other's ramen are puns on their names.

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