The Digi-Beetle as seen in Digimon World 2.

Digi-Beetle St-435 (DM)

Digi-Beetle card art.

The Digi-Beetle (デジビートル DejiBītoru?) is the main form of transport used to travel through different areas in Digimon World 2.

After you finish the training mission, you get your very own Digi-Beetle. Although it is the basic model it can be further upgraded later.

Body types

There are three different body types of Digi-Beetle steel, titanium and Adamantium. You start with the steel body, but to upgrade not only do you need the new body but also an engine that can support the added weight from the increased body size.


There are five different cannons available throughout the game the Shooter gun, Missile Gun, Bugzapper, R Cannon and Z Cannon

  • The Shooter Gun fires healing items at your Digimon and items to make wild Digimon friendly
  • The Missile Gun fires missile to destroy Wall and Electro Spore.
  • The Bugzapper fires BugZap to destroy Bug Nest and kill Bugs.
  • The R Cannon shoots items that affect the enemies stats or inflicts status ailments
  • The Z Cannon which will fire items that inflict direct damage to the enemy. Unfortunately, the Z Cannon can only be obtained at late-game phase.

Steel body can equip 3 cannons, Titan body can equip 4 cannons, and Admant body can equip 5 cannons.


Engines increase your HP (Hit points), batteries increase your EP, boxes for your items, RAM for the Digimon you can store in the Digi-Beetle. There are also Arms which will disable the mines on the ground and Hands which disarm the booby traps in treasure boxes. Finally there are Tires which when improved will allow you to travel over acid patches of terrain without receiving damage. There are also two sensors with hover above the Digi-Beetle a mine detector and one for bug nests. Later, the player can equip DM Transfer, which send newly captured digimon to server if the RAM is full.


Digimon World 2

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (manga)

When the Applidrivers are in the secret base, a Digi-Beetle toy is under the table. Minerva and Leviathan!!

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