Digi-know?: The Official Book of Digimon Facts and Fun was a tie in book which was published in 2000 by Acholastic in the USA and published in the UK by Puffin books in 2001.

The book is based around the Digimon Adventure television series featuring the characters and Digimon that appear within it. It seems to have been published some time before Kari Kamiya was discover as the eight Digidestined as there is no mention of her or her Digimon within the book.

The book was written by Michael Teitelbalm and is around 76 pages long. When released in the United Kingdom is was priced at £2.99 but is now out of print and only can be bought second hand on the internet.

Book Blurb

Digi know that...

Digimon and their human friends live on File Island? WarGreymon is a Dinosaur Digimnon? Gomamon's stripe changes with his mood? Prepare to bulk up your Digi-smarts with Digi-Know!, the complete book of Digimon facts, Trivia, quizzes and games guaranteed to make you a Digimon champion.


  • An introduction into the series (Pre Kari)
  • A dot to dot puzzle of Tai, Koromon, Augumon and Greymon.
  • A quiz about Digimon Adventure.
  • Digi-match - Match the Digidestined to their partner.
  • Digivolution Match-up: Match each in-training Diginon to their other level Digimon.
  • Digi-close up: Identify a Digimon from a close up view of part of its body.
  • Descramble Digimon names.
  • Digimon Quiz 2
  • The kid most likely to:
  • Digimon word search.
  • March the Digimon with its attack.
  • Digimon crossword.
  • Match the kids with their crests.
  • Match the crest wit its symbol.
  • Fill in the type next to the Digimnon's name.
  • Match another lot of Digimon with their attack.
  • Spot the 10 difference between a picture of the team.
  • Crack Izzy's secret code.
  • Circle the Digimon not part of the evolution line.
  • Match the kids to quotes.
  • The eighth child: Discover the name of the eighth child by answering 4 question and then taking the first letter from each answer.
  • Dot to dot of Mimi and her Digimon.
  • Digimon trivia facts.
  • Digimon jokes.


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